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    • Nataschrist
      Nataschrist  05 May 07:44 PM
        I already have the PRO version on my iPad, and to link my iPhone with no perks for me, it's questionable what's in it for you. The name of the game is what turned me off the most. I could get a free subscription on my other device or shot in the face somehow. If the service were more expensive, offering more, I'd pry be willing to sacrifice whatever it is you're getting having both devices linked.
    • Freddy
      Freddy  05 May 07:59 PM
        We are sorry, but appdb PRO is not transferable between devices, you should activate PRO for your iPhone if you want to use appdb without jailbreak on this device
    • lexi eye
      lexi eye  09 May 04:51 PM
        hello please can u help? i have appDB pro, and have suddenly noticed >nothing will install< not even free non-pro items! i can see them in my que, but i dont get a pop-up on my ios! what should i do?
    • Freddy
      Freddy  10 May 03:22 PM
        Something is wrong with push notifications. Can you please reset and restore backup on your device?
    • Freddy
      Freddy  10 May 03:23 PM
        If you have instant messenger, we can try to debug it live
    • Tileman
      Tileman  10 May 04:31 PM
        Email said if I post here I can get pro free ?
    • HTTPS
      HTTPS  11 May 06:43 AM
    • Freddy
      Freddy  11 May 07:52 PM
    • pilch123
      pilch123  12 May 09:32 PM
        Hay Freddy - Loving your work. I was wondering if it is possible to link 2 devices to 1 computer | account
    • Alucard0134
      Alucard0134  13 May 12:08 AM
        @Freddy, has the forum been updated recently?
    • Parkerbutler13
      Parkerbutler13  13 May 04:09 AM
        Is anyone else having issues installing apps? Every app I try just sticks on "Requesting" and never installs.
    • Freddy
      Freddy  13 May 08:22 AM
        @Alucard0134 no
    • Freddy
      Freddy  13 May 08:23 AM
        @pilch123 it is possible, we even have a video with explanation. After linking 2 or more devices, you can switch device on this page: https://appdb.cc/link,php
    • anshoe
      anshoe  13 May 08:31 AM
        On my no-JB iphone, although linked, yet whenevr I use GREEN INSTALL buttons, it keeps saying - "device link broken. Make sure puch notifications are enabled". I don't even find this AppDB App in my push notifications area, as this wasn't installed as an APP. Although we see an AppDB icon on my home, yet it's just a link to the website. How'd I enable PUSH notifications ?
    • Bberg
      Bberg  13 May 08:54 AM
        Yes there is a big problem with appdb.cc. Since 9.3.1 a lot of people can't install anything....
    • Freddy
      Freddy  13 May 03:43 PM
        @anshoe there is a problem with push notifications on your device. Try to reboot or reset&restore your iphone
    • Freddy
      Freddy  13 May 03:44 PM
        @Bberg please pm me email that you used to link your device
    • tlf55
      tlf55  14 May 08:15 AM
        Can you update the TWEAKED snapchat to the latest version please ?
    • nedda
      nedda  14 May 08:24 AM
        Yes! All tweaked apps will be updated asap.
    • Muji
      Muji  15 May 06:27 PM
        Hello, I paid for pro subscription thinking everything would be working but when downloading the flux or goodnight it's not even working??? I mean common that's the reason I got this for. What should I do now??
    • Freddy
      Freddy  16 May 10:29 AM
    • Freddy
      Freddy  16 May 10:30 AM
        If it is set as not jailbroken, PM me your email that you used to link your device.
    • meinname123
      meinname123  19 May 08:10 PM
    • meinname123
      meinname123  19 May 08:11 PM
        Would be nice if one of the uploaders could update it
    • meinname123
      meinname123  19 May 08:50 PM
    • meinname123
      meinname123  19 May 08:54 PM
        Credits: Locophone-ICPDA for the ipa (i was too lazy to crack it) and julioverne for the dylib.
    • nedda
      nedda  20 May 12:34 PM
        @meinname123 Thanks! Updated both Spotify and Deezer
    • Muji
      Muji  20 May 10:23 PM
        Flux is not working!! Pls make it work. I've spent my money on subscription just to see the app I really need is not working is disappointing
    • nedda
      nedda  21 May 09:14 AM
        @Muji Sorry for the incovenience. Flux has been reuploaded and should work now
    • adityameena26
      adityameena26  21 May 04:53 PM
        heyy..anybody there for help me regarding app expiry
    • Salamandercc
      Salamandercc  22 May 09:31 PM
        Hi. Possible to upload the new version of Goodnight from Cydia app ?
    • nedda
      nedda  24 May 07:48 PM
        Hi! Goodnight has issues with latest Xcode and i was not able to compile the project. Will keep you updated
    • Lilphantom2015
      Lilphantom2015  26 May 06:53 PM
        I removed the profile and added it back because my device keep saying link device and have been a couple of days and when I enter the email I signed up with I get an error unable to link msg
    • v4yron
      v4yron  27 May 10:47 AM
        Please include whatsapp+
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 12:58 PM
        @Lilphantom2015 Remove the profile, unlink all devices via email and then link again with email
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 12:58 PM
        @v4yron Whatsapp++ won't be added as of now because it would lack iCloud features (you cant backup/restore your chat)
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  27 May 01:22 PM
        @nedda, some of us don't use icloud backup for whatsapp. Whatsapp++ is really a useful tweaked up that we hope you consider. For those worried about backup, they can decide not to install
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  27 May 01:22 PM
        *up = app.
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  27 May 01:24 PM
        Is there a screen record app for ios 9.3.2?! The shou is not working. Also requires a code in older versions.
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 02:12 PM
        @Mujaini797 You would use Whatsapp++ knowing you cant restore old chats, backup new chats or use contacts iCloud sync? If yes, I might consider adding it
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 03:14 PM
        @Mujaini797 AFAIK iRec 2.0 is coming soon and it should support ios 7, 8 and 9
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 03:14 PM
    • v4yron
      v4yron  27 May 04:57 PM
        Please add whatsapp+ even if iCloud isn't working, some of us dont care about backing up chats so you can include it in the description that it doesn't support iCloud backup so the have the option to decide
    • v4yron
      v4yron  27 May 05:01 PM
        Deezer crashes when playing at background, is there any fix for this
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 05:17 PM
        @v4yron Okay, WhatsApp will be added soon.
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 05:18 PM
        @v4yron For deezer not yet, you might want to contact @iJulioVerne on twitter about this
    • nedda
      nedda  27 May 08:42 PM
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  28 May 05:54 AM
        @nedda thank you millions for the great response and working airshou tweak. I will try whatsapp++ later on and post back my feedback. You rock nedda
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  28 May 08:14 AM
        Whatsapp++ downloaded after several trials. It is working perfectly. 3 main features I was looking for: 1- lock the app with password/finger print 2- the "typing"does not show to others 3- the blue read ticks can be hidden. Thx @nedda
    • Mujaini797
      Mujaini797  28 May 08:18 AM
        Stealth mode and hide delivery of message irritate because the server keeps pushing messages to you and if you hide your status you cannot see others status (feature of original whatsapp).
    • nedda
      nedda  28 May 09:26 AM
        @Mujaini797 Happy to help! If something is broken contact the tweak dev @unlimapps on Twitter!
    • Guest
      Guest  26 Mar 03:57 AM
    • Guest
      Guest  29 Mar 01:22 AM
    • anatole101
      anatole101  30 Mar 06:29 AM
        i need help guys how to deal with unable to verify app thing?
    • Guest
      Guest  30 Mar 06:58 AM
        bro you probably got blacklisted
    • Nassimo1231
      Nassimo1231  31 Mar 12:50 AM
        Free certificate signing
    • Kira21345
      Kira21345  31 Mar 07:00 AM
        Where i can download facebook lite .ipa file
    • keineAhnung
      keineAhnung  31 Mar 11:11 AM
        Hello folks, unfortunately my apps that I loaded via APPDB no longer work after 2 days
    • Peewee35
      Peewee35  02 Apr 02:05 AM
        Hello, I’m allowed to download but no premium on it especially Netflix
    • Vviggo
      Vviggo  05 Apr 12:52 AM
        anyone got btd6 v36 ipa file?
    • litpapi
      litpapi  05 Apr 02:35 PM
        Afterrnoon! Anyone with the .ipa for 1xBet and Watched++? thanks
    • ViRo
      ViRo  06 Apr 10:32 PM
        Jaulbreak apple tv
    • TheG
      TheG  07 Apr 12:57 PM
        Hey has BOE Cert. been revoked???
    • TheG
      TheG  07 Apr 12:59 PM
        Because it says it needs internet connection to verify apps and I have internet connection.
    • Afrohouse
      Afrohouse  08 Apr 08:22 AM
        Is there still a waiting time when wanting to sign apps like there was a while ago? When you had to a wait 17 days?
    • WavyPlaysGames
      WavyPlaysGames  08 Apr 02:55 PM
        I've had a problem with Carrot weather and Musixmatch tweaks downloading. It keeps saying Unable to install everytime i reinstall it, this also now happens with the YouTube Music tweak. Any suggestions?
    • vuyiso
      vuyiso  09 Apr 11:07 AM
        when i try open the app it says unable to verify app how can i verify it?
    • bubbashatz
      bubbashatz  09 Apr 01:14 PM
        Your device has been blacklisted
    • Sulxl
      Sulxl  10 Apr 08:13 PM
    • plegilink
      plegilink  11 Apr 11:01 AM
        Is there a cydia app that provides fll access to all hidden folder/files on ios 16?
    • Sulxl
      Sulxl  14 Apr 08:52 AM
    • mide
      mide  14 Apr 03:49 PM
        so is it just me or are none of these working?
    • mide
      mide  14 Apr 03:51 PM
        wait so when it says it’s unable to verify the app it means my device has been black listed?
    • Mirza
      Mirza  15 Apr 03:53 PM
        Can’t verify the app anyone can help
    • samir.shn
      samir.shn  16 Apr 11:38 PM
        i cant change my devoleper pls guidr me
    • samir.shn
      samir.shn  16 Apr 11:41 PM
    • Joemm
      Joemm  19 Apr 01:05 PM
        I can't understand how this works, I paid for the plus subscription, but when I download programs they ask me to register, after registering they tell me that I am in a trial period, and then they ask me to buy the normal subscription through my Apple account. could someone explain it to me. I am here because I want to install applications and use them without paying, am I in the right place?
    • Blackcock
      Blackcock  21 Apr 10:44 AM
        Anyone else apps “ no longer available “
    • Afrohouse
      Afrohouse  23 Apr 03:12 PM
        Yes no longer available for me, when I try to sign again it says I need developer account.
    • meshary
      meshary  29 Apr 09:06 PM
    • DiGaRd
      DiGaRd  01 May 04:47 AM
        Come in to introduce yourself to AppDB we will be happy to hear from you
    • DiGaRd
      DiGaRd  01 May 04:54 AM
        Come in to introduce yourself to AppDB we will be happy to hear from you
    • Aidenw2311
      Aidenw2311  02 May 02:58 PM
        How do I verify an app I’ve been using Snapchat for few days but now it says verify
    • ZaneKingston
      ZaneKingston  10 May 05:47 PM
        I’m trying to figure out how to verify the apps too? I’m trying to use instagram rocket and it says unable to verify
    • symplix
      symplix  14 May 08:14 PM
        I’m new to appdb and snapchat says “unable to verify app”, no idea how to fix
    • mide
      mide  17 May 10:33 PM
        i purchased he plus twice? and it’s still not working
    • Lalaooo
      Lalaooo  18 May 10:43 PM
    • canloi006
      canloi006  21 May 02:30 AM
        install appdb device profile link but it says new mdm data doesn't match old payload, help me
    • canloi006
      canloi006  21 May 02:30 AM
        cài đặt liên kết cấu hình thiết bị appdb nhưng nó nói dữ liệu mdm mới không khớp với tải trọng cũ
    • canloi006
      canloi006  21 May 02:31 AM
        install appdb device profile link but it says new mdm data doesn'to match old payload
    • Ojong micheal
      Ojong micheal  21 May 12:38 PM
    • Sulxl
      Sulxl  22 May 12:40 PM
    • Sulxl
      Sulxl  24 May 11:48 PM
        :bs :danger: :rofl2:
    • Sulxl
      Sulxl  24 May 11:48 PM
    • Els3ody
      Els3ody  29 May 11:54 AM
        How can i activate the pro version after download the app ap
    • Joefoe
      Joefoe  30 May 12:49 AM
        I was told that by signing up you get apps addict pro?
    • Fredi
      Fredi  31 May 02:19 PM
    • varundb
      varundb  01 Jun 03:58 PM
        Yo how do you upload a app file for an Apple Arcade mac app?
    • varundb
      varundb  01 Jun 04:00 PM
        Also if someone sees this please check my posts
    • Meshari19
      Meshari19  04 Jun 03:29 PM
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