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  2. Did you still want to become a staff
  3. Did you still want to become a staff
  4. Did you still want to become a staff
  5. Are you wanting to be come a staff so you can update your own apps
  6. Did you still want to become a staff
  7. Welcome and yes the my AppStore still works and got to https://appdb.to/acp.php to create a staff account and I’m not sure what domains are not allowed but I would maybe contact @Freddy for more information on that
  8. Yesterday
  9. Everything’s working normally again, thanks very much
  10. Do I need to get verified to avoid the error page? I want to become an appdb staff member so I can upload some IPAs to be enterprise-signed to allow notifications to work again. Also, why did it not let me sign up for the forums with my @me.com address? me.com is a short domain, yes, but it is real.
  11. I've hard reset ipad... Cant unlink this device from email ricpator... How to do this?
  12. Meni

    All links dead

    Am I the only one that can’t get games or tv apps to work. Am I missing something here. I’m new here thought I give appdb a chance. So far it’s more of a wast of time thinking it’s going to work.
  13. appdb is community project. So you might have to wait for someone to buy and upload app that you request and may take a long time if it does get uploaded
  14. Ya I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max on 13.5.1 no jailbreak and want the mod menu too but so far when we have tested it out it ether crashes or the mod menu it’s on it but I will let you know when we are Successful
  15. Just unlink your device via profile removal and link it again. If apps will start to crash, just reinstall them.
  16. appdb is community project. if there is no one to buy and upload app that you request, it's okay.
  17. Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place for this request, but I really need your help. I’m a new Pro user, and I just realized that when I signed up, I messed up on my email address. Instead of @gmail I accidentally put @gmai with no l. I was wondering if l someone can help me correct that please, so I can use my computer to surf for apps. Thank you. It should be joey.lopez1289@gmail.com and I have pro status for my iPhone XS. Thank you.
  18. Last week
  19. Clearly if the apps requested here are paid types, then the chances of a crack happening are slim to none.
  20. show the bundle ID of the uploaded package.
  21. I included a photo of the issue in the original post, is it not showing for you? After pushing the “upload ipa files” button in MyAppStore, .ipas are grayed out in the selection dialog that appears and thus i cant choose to upload them. Up until a day or two ago, ipa files were not grayed out and I could select them in the dialog and upload them no problem. I’m not sure why they’re appearing grayed out in the selection menu all of a sudden, I haven’t changed anything on my iPad. I tried restarting my device as well as updating my appdb config profile but I’m still unable to select ipa files af
  22. I think you are searching latest Deezer version after download , you can get free trial a month (https://thedeezerpremiumapk.com/deezer-premium-ios/)
  23. i have the same issue, when trying to upload ipa from my files on iphone, ipa’s are all greyed out and cannot be selected, the screenshot above shows this
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