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  2. Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this but I do have a freshly approved apple developer account ready to provide if staff could contact me. Thanks!
  3. please Specify what Version you would like
  4. Yesterday
  5. Can anyone upload the Uber driver app old versions please
  6. I’d like this all to be updated for iOS 16 and new iPhones so we can see how much power an iPhone and iPad is in taking when it’s charging please. Link to App
  7. I would also create a support ticket and they will help you
  8. Last week
  9. I am having this same issue? @Chris_SiegellWe’re you able to find a solution?
  10. Looks like you have other corporative profile installed remove the profile and you will be able to install appdb , or try removing appdb older profile from setting -> device management and try to reinstall
  11. Hello, my original developer account I used was blocked by apple, so I created a new one and tried ading it to the developer configuration on appdb. Signing to apple developer works. This issue pops out: Any tips what this can be? it is a new account with 2fa
  12. I cannot log into Instagram when using a tweaked versions. It says username not found or user error when using Facebook. I have tried different versions of Instagram+ and rocket. i am on iOS 16 and iPhone 14. It appears Instagram is blocking logins from tweaked versions. when I delete and download the official versions it lets me login no problems.
  13. The link was removed because it was a external link
  14. I'm using PLUS feature to sign my IPAs on your service. I download archive for Development zip file but the p12 and mp's passwords are not correct. The password text said the password is "123456" but it is not correct. Could you tell me why? Thank you for your service.
  15. Please post your staff account nickname
  16. i got an ipa that you want(GTA vice city) pls give me rights im just an ordinary dude https://appdb.to/?ref=e1adc366e81c31713641c429b67c1d1c
  17. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added ability to specify version number in create_publish_request method
  18. Hey could someone plz try to crack car parking multiplayer
  19. This is the app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gas/id1641791746 I need the file because I don't have a apple device so I can at least run this on my pc.
  20. Account Name: Sybizzi Account ID: 7788
  21. Hello, I bought signum sign and my .p12 file doesn’t contain a password. However, it gives me an error when I leave the field blank on appdb. How do I fix this?
  22. Hi all, Im after a ipa of ‘The OG App’. I’m hoping someone has this or can get the ipa from a jailbroken source or another App Store and can upload the ipa for us all to sideload, since it’s no longer officially on the AppStore. Thanks all!
  23. Earlier
  24. I tried to install an ipa via appdb. I had the certificate(.p12 file) and the mobileprovision and the password for the certificiate (.p12 file). So I uploaded the ipa, then clicked install. For example twittter crack. It downlaods and starts perfectly. If I download another one like uYouplus or Instagram. It replaces the Twitter app. Currentlyrunning iOS 16.0.2 on iphone 14 pro. Please help.
  25. Account Name: poibear Account ID: 7714
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