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  2. Hello, it's good to have this app in my country: https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/mapa-turystyczna/id1102153681?l=pl Please do your job guys!
  3. Replied to you. It is internet connection/proxy problem
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  5. Sideloader, you do not need PRO on your iphone. It just needs to be linked to appdb to control your apple tv. In fact, there are no appdb faults here at all. All this is coming from not reading of what's written on appdb pages and complaining about faults of 3rd party app that just installable via appdb. Go to popcorn's time github and complain there. Meanwhile, if you want refund and ban of your devices on appdb (because there are no appdb fails here), feel free to create ticket in support desk.
  6. We do not sell anything via paypal. If you purchased it via reseller, please contact reseller.
  7. I agreed with you SideLoader on this one!!
  8. I've read other peoples posts asking for refunds and seeing them referred to the "Help Desk" that can supposedly be found in the Pro description area. However I cannot find it. I scoured the page and even used find by clicking Command and "F" on my Mac and it doesn't find a help desk anywhere either. Help please for me the money I've spend paying for pro is a lot and its proven to be a complete waste. I used my PayPal card to pay for Pro if I am unable to find a link to request a refund I'm going to contact PayPal and do a chargeback.
  9. I apologize for being a PITA. However, I'm not young and simply not up on these things. I hav clicked on everything that looks like a link including the Developer name and that just took me to an other page on appdb, then I clicked on Website and that took me to github and I don't find an yway to contact the developer, then I clicked on the link Entertainment took me the Entertainment category on Appdb. So far literally Appdb has been a complete waste of my money. When I first arrived at the AppDB my understanding was that i first had to connect my iPhone for which I was charged $22.14 USD for . pro account but then in order to connect my Apple TV 4K I couldn't use the same Pro Account I had to pay another $22.14 USD. I had and still have no intension to use Appdb for my iPhone yet as I understand the directions on the website I had no choice but to pay for it. So far I tried loading Popcorntime that only worked for a few hours last Sunday, Kodi that I have difficult figuring out, LiveHDNow that has never worked for me. The problem is I don't know if I'm not following the directions correctly or what except that with popcorn time I know the same exact thing started happing for a lot of other people. So far Appdb has been a complete waste for me and I'm frustrated as... I only did all of this because I'm disabled and if it wasn't for my adult children I wouldn't own my 4K TV, Mac, Apple TV, or my iPhone and I cannot afford to pay for TV as a result of low income. I'm not about to ask them to pay for TV now after they spent so much money on me already. It at least appears to me the AppDB is completely unwilling to provide any real assistance for a service I paid for and am getting nothing out of regardless how hard I try.
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  11. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  12. Hello Freddy, On the page for Apple TV I do not find the information you gave a screen shot to Is the same developer shown for iOS devices the same developer for tvOS? I want to contact the developer. Since I'm. having the same 503 error issue since Monday?
  14. Redesign is coming. These links are in the right column or right after comments (if you are using mobile version of appdb)
  15. There is an issue with the one currently on Appdb and on the threads I've created about it I know at least 50 people who on just my threads who are receiving the same 503 server error that I have since Monday this week. I don't know how these things work I just know its not work on my Apple TV 4K and other people are gettin it on Apple TV's and other devices.
  16. Link please as I can’t find it in the poorly designed website. All I can find is the Apple TV version which does not show those details.
  17. Nope, dunno who that is or what type contact information is given i.e. email address or what??
  18. Contact details can be found on app description page
  19. Send me the contact details and I will contact the developer. Thanks
  20. This issue is not related to appdb, you should contact app developer
  21. Same problem error code 503 just shows up on my popcorn time app when I open it
  22. Popcorn time was receiving an error and wouldn’t load. Deleted. Can’t reinstall. Fails over and over.
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