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  3. You need to find some service like apkmirror for Android. I tried Google but no luck.
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  5. Dear , pls share me the link , thanks
  6. Are you using your own developer account or a purchased certificate and from where
  7. So what it is it’s showing you apps with the same bundle ID but the other apps you are seeking no have different tweaked features so it just depends on thwart features you want to what one you install
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  9. I would like to ask an ipa of facebook v350 for iphone. Please help me a link to download. Thank you!
  10. Hello friends , I have the following problem: I've installed various apps here, everything works, it's just like this when I go to "search for updates" it shows me apps that I haven't installed!! For example, I installed You+, but under app update it shows me 6 different youtube app optimizations. It says I should use APPS that I haven't installed? how come ? see image with kind regards
  11. ID: 8931 Name: Snaffey Hey, I want to help and update some apps that got new versions but aren’t on the appdb, and sometimes they take a while to update on the site, so I just want to help
  12. Hello, i cleared my developer identity on appdb due to some errors (enable to use a wildcard provisioning profile) and now i can't upload new generated profiles, i get the message "Feature configuration has been saved" but no profile is attached, meanwhile the p12 certificate is attached successfully, i tried all kind of provisioning profiles (explicit & wildcard, dev & distribution) and made sure the certificate i used and the device i'm using are linked.
  13. There are no such certificates. Maybe you are talking about provisioning profiles? Just create profile with wildcard identifier and import it
  14. Is there anyone with a code or is there anyway to get one without relying on connections
  15. Hello i get a notification that i need internet connection to open the apps how can i fix it please
  16. I started getting this message yesterday jan24, why am i getting this message and why can’t i download ANY apps from appdb? I suspect it might have to do with it says I don’t have signs left next to my device name OR it has something to do with my device in general. Please help in any way.
  17. Pro has been discontinued to keep using appdb without revokes go to https://appdb.to/my/buy
  18. Hello, I've had the same problem twice in the last month and it's never lasted as long as the second time. Will you make up for these lost days. Why is it taking so long to activate?
  19. NO SE PUEDE VERIFICAR LA APLICACIÓN Se requiere una conexión a Internet para verificar la confianza del desarrollador "Distribución de iPhone: ZDK (Tianjin) Cyber Information Security...
  20. Recibí este mensaje. Por favor ayuda Dice: NO SE PUEDE VERIFICAR LA APLICACIÓN Se requiere una conexión a Internet para verificar la confianza del desarrollador "Distribución de iPhone: ZDK (Tianjin) Cyber Information Security...
  21. It says: UNABLE TO VERIFY APP An Internet connection is required to verify trust of the developer “iPhone Distribution: ZDK ( Tianjin) Cyber Information Security Co., Ltd”. This app will not be available until verified.
  22. Same for me. It works on my iPad but not my iPhone.
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  24. The best way to get no revokes is to buy your own developer account but you can also buy udid registration gold or higher https://appdb.to/news/458
  25. All the apps won’t work on my IPhone. Yet my IPad works fine. Two separate accounts.
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