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  3. hello since today i get this message, i made an iphone update, and now that please help me
  4. Hello! Im new here and I have a bunch of ipa files of games i want to upload that arent on appdb. mostly ero-labs stuff with a newer version of NU: Carnival my staff email is rosehwxz@gmail.com my username is bent_hellgirl if you could give me uploader permissions I would really appreciate it. Thank you. get back to me pls
  5. I have made a post with the same title for the macOS version of Grindstone, but the IOS version is also lacking an updates. Could someone please upload an ipa for Grindstone here: https://appdb.to/app/ios/1357426636
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  7. You need to contact support go to https://appdb.to/my/plus and click on get support
  8. You have to install the blacklist app using a computer or buy a developer account or a certificate https://robmods.dbstaff.cc/certs
  9. Buy a developer account or a certificate https://robmods.dbstaff.cc/certs
  10. Im focusing aproblem it keep saying ”update whatsapp from app store while downloading whatspad ++”
  11. Hello, I am having this same issue. It seems that the system never updated that the task was completed, or something similar. I downloaded ib3 around a week ago succesfully and now I'm trying to reinstall it and it keeps giving me the Error: Same task is already running, please wait till it will be finished and try again in a little while.
  12. Hi, Can I have update for Parallels Desktop Business edition v18.1.1? Thank you! https://appdb.to/app/standalone/1900000047
  13. I was able to find an older version of the app I wanted to download, but I have the newer version of the app on my IOS device before and I need both the versions on my IOS device It’s keep replacing the other version
  14. الرجاء مساعدتي ، عندما أقوم بربط appdb على جهازي ، تظهر رسالة تفيد بأن بيانات mdm الجديدة لا تتطابق مع الحمولة القديمة
  15. I saw the game available but without a download link, will it be possible to have one please? (iphone 13 pro max jailbreak 15.0.1)
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