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  2. https://appdb.to/my/devices
  3. I have no idea what you mean by keeping apps alive through Rickpactor. Everytime I click on the Device Page Status on Rickpactor, it takes me to a page that says: " An error occured. Here are some details: We were unable to find such page." I'm so confused by this -- why can't you make this freakin' simple?!?
  4. Hello . Could you upload the latest double helix versions please . If i'm not wrong it's the 8th . Thanks
  5. What does that even mean? "You need to keep apps alive?" This makes no sense! I'm using Rickpactor and there is no option to keep any apps alive! How does one do that -- WHAT AM I MISSING?
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  7. BlurthaLegend


    Recently I did a phone reset and whenever I tried to redownload apps it stayed on new. I unlinked the profile from my phone now I have no idea how to redownload the appdb profile. How do I move forward?
  8. Hello, I have adb pro active for my device. It was all working fine. I had to restore my device and now when I am trying to link my device. It says “there are devices linked please check email”. I am not receiving any emails to link. Please help
  9. I have same problem please help !
  10. Guildlings an Apple Arcade game Link : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/guildlings/id1114224350 version : 1.2.1 iPhone 11 iOS 15.2.1 didn't find the ipa for tha game anywhere, kinda weird
  11. Hello guys, Can anybody share the IPA file to Kodi 19,3 to Apple TV 4K or upload to the same version to Appdb please. I really need it. Thanks. AppDB KODI AppleTV Old Version
  12. Hello? If would be so kind as to share this ipa for me? It would be greatly appreciated! Have a great one!! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/proxsy/id1505185654
  13. I’m trying to custom install ipas but I keep getting missing info.plist missing. im trying to install an ipa from https://github.com/appketsu/KETSU-IPA/raw/main/KETSU.ipa Even Cercube Max ipa from iosNinja face same issue. Any solution to this ? KETSU.ipa CercubeMax_16.45.4-5.ipa
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  15. Clear your cache and then try again
  16. Need help how do I get the certificate?
  17. I started using appdb pro today. I am facing this issue since 5 hours. Everytime i open appdb, if is showing appdb is in maintenance mode. am I the only one facing this issue or everyone.
  18. I’m requesting upload access. Staff username is Burgerkingrei. I want to upload new Paperback versions,
  19. BBC iplayer
  20. Can Bumble please be updated to the latest version - they have version control and the most recent on Appdb doesn't work.
  21. I know this is really late, but I just discovered a way and wanted to share; move the bookmark into a new page of your home screen. Next, long press on the dots at the bottom than correspond to the pages of your home screen and all the pages of your Home Screen will pop up in a grid-type array. At the bottom of each page is a check mark. Tap on the check mark corresponding to the page with the bookmark and said page won’t be visible anymore, resulting in the bookmark not being visible anymore.
  22. You have to buy pro it is non transferable https://appdb.to/my/buy
  23. I installed the profile but it still shows my old phone when I access the site. Can't update or install anything. How do I switch the "Pro" status to my new phone. Thank you
  24. bubbashatz

    Clone app

  25. Hi, when I open any app downloaded from appdb website it says as shown in the image.. "Unable to verify app"
  26. Desertod

    Clone app

    Hi, there is a need to install copies of applications. How can this be done?
  27. Hello there, i have installed appDB and rickpactor today and made a new itunes acc etc and everything works fine but when i install it on my phone i can trust the app but it doens't show the app on my home screen and by searching it does the same. how can i fix that? Thank you Don
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