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    Requests fulfilment API

    appdb has Requests feature, where everyone can request app to be uploaded to appdb. And we have made API for it. Requests fulfilment API acts on the same endpoint and with same principles as our Main API, but adds couple new methods that you can use and requires staff account auth as well. Please note that usage of this API requires staff account with content upload privilege and linked device. Staff account authorisation You can authorise your appdb staff account by creating Public API access key(token) in Staff Account Area, check right panel of staff area. Then, pass it to every request as "st" POST or GET parameter. Getting new requests By using this method you can get status of new requests in defined section of appdb database. It should return the following object with new requests that were not fulfilled: You can decide to take or not to take this request based on price, store or compatibility with devices. If you decided to take this request to your cracking device, proceed to setting next request status. Setting request statuses Device auth required (appdb will take iOS version and device model from it). Staff account auth required (appdb will automatically publish IPA on behalf of this account). By using this method you can set request status and provide cracked IPA files. Logic is the following and contains 3 steps: If you decided to take this request, set "taken" status. When you started procedure of cracking, set "cracking" status. When you have cracked IPA file, send it with "ipa_provided" status and file in "ipa" field of multipart/form-data object. no further actions required. Appdb will automatically upload IPA file to http://ipahostyyez3loer.onion/ (we have partnered with this file hosting, and searching new partners as well!), by setting it's status to "uploading", then publishing links under your name and then setting status to "fulfilled". Please note that appdb DO NOT TEST OR VALIDATE your IPAs, they MUST to be tested by you. If you won't provide IPA within 2 days of setting "taken" status, appdb will automatically mark this request as "failed". Please note that constant taking and failing of requests will result in permanent ban of your device and your staff account. It should return true if status has been set successfully.
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    Locked command queue

    Is your device not sleeping and unlocked while you are trying to install apps? If yes, try to re-link your device to appdb. Remove profile from settings app and then link it again.
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    We are aware of this issue. Resolving it...
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    Fantastical Premium v.3.0

    Now that Fantastical has integrated all its apps (iPhone, iPad and Mac) with its version 3.0 the app is available for Free with basic features. To have access to all the features previously available we now have to subscribe to Premium ! I wish somebody with expertise and talent could offer "Fantastical Tweaked" with premium features available. 😉 https://flexibits.com/fantastical
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    originally posted on in-appstore.com , all credit to them.... this is to get free in app purchases on android for google play apps with inapp purchases ... Go back to in-appstore.com Usage of this manual means that you agreed with the Terms Of Service Note, your device must have all google apps/services installed, including Google Play (market) app and Google Talk. First of all, root (and S-OFF for HTC) your device and watch the video: Enabling Freedom on your device takes 3 steps: Download - with this link. Install & launch Tap on app in which you want to receive in-app purchase for free. 1. Download Download Freedom APK file with this link. 2. Install Freedom on your device and launch it. Make sure that you have "Unknown sources" enabled in your security settings: Install downloaded APK and launch it (first launch takes a while, please be patient), allow superuser permissions request: 3. Launch application through Freedom Tap on application in which you want to use free in-app purchase, wait a little. Application should start automatically: Next, make your in-app purchase (appearing of FreeCard means that Freedom is running successfully): From time to time you can receive OTA updates for Freedom, just tap on "Update Available" dialog and update should start automatically. Here is screenshot of running Freedom and update available for download: You should use Freedom every time you want to use free in-app purchase, e.g. Freedom is a launcher for your apps. And this program does not work with online applications and will never work with online applications. If you want to remove Freedom, first launch it, go to MENU, then tap on STOP. Next you can remove Freedom successfully. IF YOU DID NOT DO IT - YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO USE GOOGLE PLAY WITHOUT FREEDOM! Help us! Help the project by bitcoin 1CKXhzmv5myt1m9QrpbyXHq92kyjL6vAyK. Thanks. originally posted on in-appstore.com , all credit to them.... this is to get free in app purchases on android for google play apps with inapp purchases ...
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    Bloons TD 6 - 1.3 - $4.99

    Check The Tutorial Available in The "Tutorials & Guides" section Bloons TD 6 Has been updated to latest. https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1118115766&type=ios&store=ca
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    Bloons TD 6 - 1.3 - $4.99

    If I get told how to do it I have bought it.
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