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  1. well Freddy, i think it's a fake User of this AA crap site ...maybe some of the Admins from there? i can hardly guarantee that AppDb is more safe than AA, this signature only check your device for installing cracks(iOS version, device model and so on...) i have it installed on a device and i'm more safe then with that AA signature/premium acc, that's true ...and yes, Crackers here are the best in world and filling Database with high quality cracks ... so plz AA users, plz run away from there and come to AppDb, it's more save here, and with all that downtime the last months from AA it's a pida for all there, i read every day from more frustrated Users at AA(can't install cracks, can't download from hoster on devices, profiles of premium users don't working...) wanna say many thx for the great work back in days at AA and now the new rising sun AppDb, Freddy, you are a genius in what you are doing!! just go ahead like always
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  2. Welcome aboard, schoolboy. Meanwhile let me explain to you and hundreds like you, what is appdb, how it works and why it is more safer and secure than aa. If you have some kind of brain in your head, you can go to Settings->Profiles, select appdb profile and check what permissions it require: But, of course, you are too stupid to check it. It's better to post shit on appdb forums and complain about we can install malware and etc. Firstly, we are not interested in it. Secondly, we are using official apple protocol which can not replace apps installed from another sources, like appstore - so in any case we can not replace any app that you have installed from appstore with potential malware. 3, our crackers are verified, they will not put any malware inside their cracks. 4, i made aa and i made appdb. aa is discontinued, it is buggy, vulnerable and unsafe. I'm focused on appdb. And, of course, you can read whole story behind aa drama here. But you can not, you does not have brain. Also, our profile is digitally signed: And since our latest profile improvement, it contains only once certificate for your device. It is requirement of apple protocol. There is private key also, so you can use it to sign any data from your device to appdb. But you can't do it, you are stupid. Overall. Appdb is more secure than aa, it uses official apple protocols which restricts us and crackers to install malware on your device. Of course, you will see warning about remote management, but this management is restricted to apps from appdb only. Every single requirement is explained. Nothing less, nothing more. It's clear. But you can not see, because, again, you are stupid schoolboy that prefer to listen public persons instead of original creators.
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  3. Fenomeen

    RULES - Please read

    Hi everybody, When submitting a wish please use the following title format: Your device - App name - Version - Price (USD if possible). An example of a good topic title: iPhone 4 - Angry Birds - 4.2.0 - $0.99 Always put a device in the post (due to possible compatibility issues) Always put a (US) iTunes link in the post, so we can find this app Do not double post and use the search function to see if the wish isn't already submitted. All posts will be moderated and needs approval to prevent spam. We have an limit of three wishes per person at once. Please wait until your wish gets fulfilled or deleted after 30 days. You'll need an minimum of 2 posts to request a app to be cracked. If your post doesn't meet our requirements it will be denied. Happy wishing, The AppDB team.
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  4. Smash Hit v1.3.2 Hack Root Needed :- No Hack Features:- Dont lose balls when colliding with anything Hit one glass/crystal and you can throw 5 balls at a time and it wont decrease to 1 ball for the whole game (does not increase ball count by 5) Hack Instructions:-Install the modded apk Make sure not to collide with anything during the tutorial , It MIGHT crash. Guys Give me a like if you find this Mod Helpful Credits:- Me(amil123123) Download:-Fixing THE HACK[hide]http://ifilescloud.com/rB[/hide] Play Store Link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mediocre.smashhit&hl=en
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  5. Thanks locophone for those words I know your from yet another site. The point about appdb being safer is that we are open. All the methods of installing apps and managing apps etc is all a openly documented protocol. AppAddict uses privately coded software which basically can do anything WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!!! Appdb requires you to allow us selected permissions and only what you allow is what we can do.
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  6. https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=2&type=cydia&store=us Just click green install button.
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  7. TheS

    link device

    You're not supposed to install it on the phone itself, you're supposed to install it on a Mac. Or rather, you can't install it on an iPhone, it is a Mac program, not an iOS program. If you want to be able to install it, you have three options: 1) Buy a computer from Apple. They come with Mac OS preinstalled, all is left to do after you get your hands on one is to set it up and install Xcode. 2) Get a virtual machine software, and install Mac OS on the virtual machine. You'll need a few extra steps to do before installing Mac OS and after installing virtual machine software, as you just can't install Mac OS without these. It would be the quickest option to get a Mac OS , but beware: it will run much slower than usual. Other than its speed, it's a solid option. 3) Install it on your computer as if you install other OS'es on your system. In this case, depending on your system, you may have varying degrees of difficulty and may need to install some "custom" versions of it and do other things.I also advise you to be careful about what you're doing, as it's easy to lose part of it all of the data on your hard disk during the process, depending on what you do. In the worst case, you won't be able to install at all, so you'll need to do research about your computer's compatibility. Also, this is what is called "Hackintosh", so searching using this term will help you a lot if you choose this way.
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  8. Anyone want to point me towards any good communities/apps/sites for cracked android apps. I'm aware I aptoide and appcake.net at the moment. Thanks.
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  9. DblD

    Cracked apps for android?

    While I was working with android, I would usually type "appIwant.apk" in google, and download. It's not bad to have an antivirus, so u don't pick up some malware. Also there is blackmart (an app you can download for your phone)
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