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  1. Thanks for the answer and for your patience, I did not use any scripts I downloaded the app from the link above, I unpacked, I opened the terminal and I entered in the modules folder then I launched the above command, where as "iphone developer" I added the certificate installed on my mac, after I have recreated the ipa and sign with the tools of old service. i First I tried to use the tool to sign the ipa but it did not work, so reading in the thread below found that you had to make sign before the modules directory. So in my opinion, i should sign the folder and then with your installation service custom sign the ipa. Thanks https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/247
  2. Hello, thanks for reply, the app work, but when you open a rom that require a specific module crash with a message that can't load content for sign the modules i used this command codesign -fs "iPhone Developer" directory where are module/*.dylib If you can sign the modules i can send to you the modules folder and after when receive the folder i can make the ipa and upload if someone need it. Thanks
  3. Hello, I tried but it does not work, the ipa is signed and retroarch opens but when you load a rom not working as it is neccesary to sign the modules .dlyb, if you want I can send you the ipa, it is a great emulator because have all console in one and with device without jailbreak woks fine also without use of dynamic recompiler cpu core, may also serve to someone else, the modules are located within the app retroarch contained in IPA. Without obligation if you want I can send you in some way the ipa thank you very much
  4. Thanks for reply but the problem with retroarch is given by the fact that to work requires the sign of all modules of emulators that are .dylib so you need to open the app file and sign each module relative to the various emulators and then create the ipa, I maked it with a sign tool on mac OS X and work. No problem was only for eliminate old service certificates and switch totally to appdb Thanks anyway
  5. RetroArch is a open source multi old console emulator this is the link http://www.libretro.com/index.php/downloads/ version Thanks
  6. Hello someone have retroarch or can explain me how to sign with appdb, is the last app I'm missing to be able to delete the old service, retroarch requires the sign of the individual modules that compose and without an app on the mac to sign would not know how to do. Thank You
  7. Has appdb voucher an expiry date? Thanks.
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