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  1. or try rebooting your device as it will reload all the icons. also if you feel like any link isnt working or app isnt properly cracked, please report it
  2. there is another way . you can download iCleaner from Cydia. It allows you to disable any tweak and re enable it without uninstalling the tweak. This way you can keep both appdb and Safari Downloader. Do tell me if it works. iCleaner on BigBoss repo : http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/depiction.php?file=icleanerDp
  3. TheChief

    help please

    i will look into this.i think the moviebox app is corrupted maybe.
  4. TheChief

    direct installer

    so i should lock this? As your problem has been solved?
  5. TheChief

    link device

    There is a way to get logs on windows , will tell about it later tomorrow
  6. This has been solved i think, locking it
  7. umm is it late to retweet it? i just saw this post :/
  8. it isn't getting cracked with Clutch or Rasticrac, they improved security it seems :/
  9. can i see the lists of apps i uploaded so far of iOS and mac as well
  10. no problem i could hack the in app purchases for you too
  11. Ok, i will upload updated version soon.
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