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  1. Anyone have any good day ftp servers to dl Wii and PS3 isos?
  2. i got 13.2 to re-sign with the servers, install on my iPhone 6 non-jb 8.1.1, but crashes upon launching :-(
  3. Anyone have any luck signing and running on there 8.1.1 iPhone 6 non-jailbroken?
  4. Hope I'm not off topic... does anyone have a reliable direct download or ftp server to get wii, ps3, pop or 3ds roms/isos? Thanks
  5. Any updates on another crack of this?
  6. Thanks braga. I can not get access to AA Tools since the link is linking to the old appaddict site
  7. Sorry to bug you. When i go to sign it on the RegMyUDID sign server im getting a "can not find metadata" for the .ipa. Do you have another hack of the .ipa?
  8. When i choose a PW, it never prompts me to enter it again. How do I know if it exported correctly?
  9. Nevermind... there was an ! there when it shouldn't have been Thank you
  10. Can you send me a PM with a new key. It keeps coming back "Cannot decrypt metadata without key." after i enter it
  11. I wish i was able to get my hands in Cloud Drive Explorer before the AppStore took it down. Can anyone crack the .ipa file and pass it along for AppDB?
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