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  1. Hello all! The problem is in Snapchat's security. If you can't login the following things might be the problem: your account might be banned your version of Snapchat on your mobile isn't allowed to login (DRM) The developer of the tweak is the only one who can fix it! Bragra
  2. Hi Muji, Because of the revokes from Apple this happened, you can read more about it in the news here: https://appdb.to/news.php?id=222
  3. Moved to the right subforum. Can you provide device logs since you tap INSTALL button until the command gets stuck? (Tutorial on retrieving logs here https://forum.appdb.to/index.php?/topic/4508-tut-how-to-retrieve-your-ios-device-logs/)
  4. No problem! Enjoy Appdb
  5. If you bought Appdb Pro you need to press the button "Clear developer identity" to clear your identity what N3d suggested
  6. We're not affiliated with cyrepo. Cycake is our repo that you can add at http://r.appdb.to
  7. No problem, you could try to install a light app like Moviebox to test if everything is working. Greetings, bragra EDIT: I managed to install the app with the turbobit link
  8. Hello there, What Freddy already suggested is to remove the profile and install it again, that might help fix your problem.
  9. How to use ProTube without buying it from the Appstore So today I am going to show you how to use ProTube without jailbreaking your phone or buying it from the store, if you've downloaded if from Appdb you will get this error message 1. Download the app with Appdb (duhh) 2. Before you open just put your phone in airplane mode 3. Open the app 4. Disable airplane mode and enjoy everything on YouTube with the ProTube app
  10. Beta downoads are available at http://iosbeta.pw
  11. Linking device: https://forum.appdb.to/index.php?/topic/3812-tut-how-to-link-a-device-with-appdb/#entry32934 Finding the link code is here: https://appdb.to/link.php Good luck! Bragra
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