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  1. Hi xkaosx, No, you don't have to delete your old certificate as this is an automated process. Good you found the 'pending page'. When it says; Valid for 1 year since xxxx you're good to go. Greetings, Fenomeen.
  2. Hi Jakers, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact Freddy as he is responsible for the payments. Fenomeen.
  3. Fenomeen

    cydia repo

    Hi Jon, Does this only occur on the AppDB repo? Please follow this step by step guide and report back. It's a little out dated but it should still work. Fenomeen.
  4. Hi, That's odd. Please contact Freddy, I'm sure he will solve your problem. Fenomeen.
  5. Fenomeen


    Hi Purkiss, welcome!
  6. Hi Barry and welcome to AppDB! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them .
  7. No problem bro, enjoy! And for the compatibility check I'll forward the problem to our dev.
  8. /solved & locked. If you still wish to reply to this topic please send me a PM.
  9. Hi Secret16, When you want to report an app/link/faulty crack always use the black flag next to the link. Thanks in advance, Feno.
  10. Hi Romworld, We are aware of the problem and investigating this as we speak. Hold tight! Edit: It should be fixed right now. Please let me know!
  11. Hi Kojisan, Did you linked your device using this tutorial? Greetings, Fenomeen.
  12. Hi Bodylove, Please check back in 10 min. I'm on it . Edit: Done and enjoy!
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