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  1. There are no such certificates. Maybe you are talking about provisioning profiles? Just create profile with wildcard identifier and import it
  2. Freddy

    appdb API

    bundle_id, display_name and image are now optional in install type altstore
  3. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added ability to get public AltStore repos
  4. Freddy

    appdb API

    Removed APIs related to Rickpactor
  5. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added APIs for altstore repos
  6. Freddy

    MyAppStore API

    Added url parameter to add_ipa method
  7. Set it as jailbroken on device features configuration page
  8. Please create ticket in support desk
  9. Link to support desk can be found on PLUS or PRO status pages
  10. If you are reselling slots in developer account, you can implement easy linking API for issued by you certificates and mobile provisioning profiles. In this case, user does not need manually attach your certificates and provisioning profiles on device features configuration page, he just taps on "import from PROVIDER" and that's it. You can also bundle appdb PLUS with your automatic linking requests, so this will boost sales of your certificates as well. If you are interested in implementation of easy linking API, please refer to PDF documentation file and contact us at appdb@protonmail.com UPDATE: You can find sample import code that should be hosted on your side in attachment. appdb easy developer certificates linking API.pdf import.php
  11. Yea, it's normal. Lots of apps may require clipboard access to simply search
  12. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added API for PRO refund
  13. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added ability to specify version number in create_publish_request method
  14. Hi. Tap on device->View PLUS status and add your account there. That's it! Now you can tap "INSTALL" buttons. We are making video tutorial, soon it will be available for everyone.
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