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  1. https://appdb.to/news.php?id=350
  2. Please PM me email that you used to link your device. What browser are you using?
  3. It is not related to appdb. Looks like it is hardware problem with your device. You can remove appdb profile from settings and go to apple genius.
  4. Please provide logs from your device, so we can investigate them
  5. Unfortunately we can't help you with jailbreak, as we can not guarantee anything with modified firmware. You can dive into logs of your device on your own and propose solution (if you will find any) that we can implement. I'm sure that issues with amfid.
  6. Looks like appsync is not working for you. Or PRO may be revoked (if you are using it to install apps), reactivate your PRO and reinstall apps if necessary.
  7. Is your device not sleeping and unlocked while you are trying to install apps? If yes, try to re-link your device to appdb. Remove profile from settings app and then link it again.
  8. It is not related to appdb at all. You can contact tweak developer to resolve this question.
  9. It's just identifiers that managed or used to be managed by appdb. It does not affect anything on your device.
  10. In-App purchases are not available in sideloaded apps. Apps needs to be tweaked to allow this.
  11. Freddy

    Leaving appdb

    You can try to use Rickpactor on iOS 13.4, it's free, however with some limitations. Thank you for your opinion.
  12. You mean revocation? If yes, in case of revoke you can freely reactivate your PRO from PRO status page (menu->appdb PRO) and then remove and install apps again.
  13. We are aware of this issue. Resolving it...
  14. You can sign your apps if you upload them to MyAppStore (menu->device management->upload custom app) and your device has PRO activated.
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