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  1. Try now please. We have fixed one thing.
  2. What browser are you using?
  3. Then you don't need to upload their certificates to appdb....
  4. Please provide link to IPA file to test it
  5. Freddy


    We can’t help you if your device is jailbroken, remove jailbreak and then try again. You can also take a look to troubleshooting topic, it may help you
  6. You purchased their certificate, not PRO by udidregistrations.
  7. Hi! Imported your translation. Please check that everything is correct
  8. Freddy


    Watusi. As older versions of apps are working fine with push notifications. And all other apps have push as well, except this.
  9. Freddy


    Watusi developer did something with his app. Older versions are working fine with push, newer - not. He don't want to collaborate and fix this issue.
  10. we need sysdiagnose logs from your device to check what's wrong
  11. Freddy

    Bob Davis

    if you reactivated your PRO, it should be active. Check it at menu->appdb PRO
  12. Freddy

    Bob Davis

    How come? We have nothing that will unlink your device. Link it again and reactive PRO from PRO description page.
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