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  1. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added method to get link token by UDID
  2. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added method to delete IPA from cache
  3. Freddy

    Phone stolen

    No, unfortunately PRO is not transferable between devices
  4. Please create ticket in support desk
  5. Content uploading API acts on the same endpoint and with same principles as our Main API, but adds couple new methods that you can use and requires staff account auth as well. Please note that usage of this API requires staff account with content upload privilege. Staff account authorisation You can authorise your appdb staff account by creating Public API access key(token) in Staff Account Area, check right panel of staff area. Then, pass it to every request as "st" POST or GET parameter. Content uploading flow Check requirements and permissions, get necessary data from other methods Upload content metadata, get success, our use existing Submit links via submit_links method Getting content uploading requirements and permissions status By using this method you can check current content uploading configuration and permissions of your account related to content uploading. Response is self explainable. Submit new content metadata to appdb Here you can upload new content metadata, or let appdb to get it from AppStore/iTunes for you Returns success upon successful upload. Then you can use search API method to list this content. Submitting links to a content By using this method you can submit new links to appdb, as well as update their parameters (matching is done by comparing URL) Responses with true, if all links were added/updated successfully. In order to update data, for example, hide link or make it protected, just submit the same request with is_hidden/protected having different values.
  6. Freddy

    Appdb iOS app

    There is no appdb iOS app, appdb is only website with all features.
  7. Tap on appdb icon in dock of your Mac to restore device link
  8. Obtain PRO, or use Rickpactor or jailbreak your device and configure it accordingly.
  9. Freddy

    Apps grayed out

    Try to download IPA files manually and install them via filza
  10. You rejected management of an app. Try to re-link your device to appdb
  11. Hi. You will get reply in support desk
  12. It's not a bug. Please read troubleshooting topic in support section of forums, it will help you
  13. Freddy

    appdb API

    Updated to API v1.5: Breaking changes: Errors are now objects, containing code and translated strings. There is no "get_translation" anymore, as all strings will be translated.
  14. This is issue on apple side, we can do nothing with it atm
  15. Please create ticket in support desk
  16. Freddy

    Pro Status

    Please create ticket in support desk
  17. Perhaps you installed app from another source. You configured your phone as jailbroken when appdb asked you about this. You can change it on device features configuration page
  18. Some iOS apps may not work on macOS, as nobody tested them
  19. Configure it correctly on device features configuration page (menu->configure features)
  20. Please try to clear command queue and request app installation again
  21. appdb PRO is not a certificate, it's ability to install apps to your non-jb device
  22. Try to use another email address
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