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  1. Freddy

    appdb API

    Added ability to specify version number in create_publish_request method
  2. Hi. Tap on device->View PLUS status and add your account there. That's it! Now you can tap "INSTALL" buttons. We are making video tutorial, soon it will be available for everyone.
  3. Freddy

    appdb API

    Updated APIs for developer account editing, deleting and sharing
  4. Release of this function is planned during August
  5. it's just identifiers, no actual books are on your phone. When you will unlink your device, they will be deleted as well
  6. perhaps you are trying to install app alongside on jailbroken device
  7. please provide sample links for us to test
  8. Issue has been fixed
  9. This is known issue. apple limits requests to their servers. try again later.
  10. If you are using your own certificate or provisioning profile - they may be generated incorrectly
  11. Looks like you did something wrong with your device, because supervision usually can be removed only with device reset. Try to restore your device and link it again.
  12. This was a bug. it was fixed. Basically process is the following: 1) make a backup via iTunes/finder 2) delete apps 3) install apps from cache 4) restore backup
  13. appdb PRO does not interference your Apple ID
  14. Please PM me your email
  15. Your device is registered at Apple. It just limited by Apple, you need to wait. Your PRO won't be extended, because it is technical limitation and not appdb fault. Suddenly, it is new reality.
  16. No. Downloading itself is not illegal.
  17. It was a bug. Issue has been resolved (newly updated IPA cache will be without DLG)
  18. you can't delete it, it was hidden. Try to use spotlight search to find it
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