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  1. I have two iPhone X and I tried on both but the website say I don’t have pro..I tried to contact appdb on Twitter but they say to open a topic on this forum
  2. I tried so many times but nothing
  3. Hi, this week I was selected for PRO Roulette but I can’t access it...I received email from regmyudid.cc for a wrong udid registration...can anyone help me to solve this
  4. Hi, today I installed ToonsNow app and now I'm stuck on activation window
  5. Hi can anyone put this new app in appdb. Here is the link: Leaf for Twitter by Thientam Bach https://appsto.re/us/pxLRcb.i
  6. Hi can you pls add another tweaked version of Pokémon Go that's come with gold icon. I see that version at Twitter by @Bo0M_H4CKZ. Here some shots
  7. Hi, I want to know can I use my pro account on my new iPhone? Bcu I sold my old iPhone where I have pro account now I wanna know can I recover my old iPhone account to use in new one?
  8. I'm trying to upload my app but installer give me server error
  9. can you add this app? Here is the link: https://appsto.re/us/TmEAab.i
  10. Can u pls upload SURGE TV APP?
  11. Kevin

    Flex Bright

    The app is pulled out from AppStore
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