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  1. You can always sideload apps. This functionality is not affected by PROtection. That is a different mechanism that stops your device from knowing, if a cert was revoked. But this isn't needed to use appdb or appdb PRO at all.
  2. Can you please send a screenshot of what the PRO page says. (http://appdb.to/pro.php)
  3. That is correct, red usernames always mean this cracker has either not been Verified yet or got his verification removed or someone stole the file from another cracker which will result in the name being red although the file is safe to use. Green names mean the Cracker is verified so no need to worry
  4. As said by @Freddy earlier, his verification was removed and we will take further steps to investigate and try to prevent this from happening again
  5. @Ghay You have been credited for said app. If you find more of these please let us know ~nwtoo
  6. You need AppSync to patch the installation check on iOS. Since AppSync isn't compatible with iOS 10 you may not be able to install those apps.
  7. nwtoo

    Apps won't load

    You can buy a voucher from https://appdb.to/pro.php or from one of our resellers.
  8. Hey, yea that would explain that. You can check your voucher activation at https://appdb.to/pro.php.
  9. Hello, we will notify an administrator to take care of this problem. Thanks
  10. nwtoo

    Apps won't load

    Kodi does work, we internally tested it after user complaints began but we couldn't find any error. If you have problems with your downloads, please soft reset your phone or ipad by keep holding Power and Home Button as long as it takes for the apple logo to reappear
  11. nwtoo

    Apps won't load

    Please make sure you have a stable proper internet connection. And there are broken links sometimes. Please just report broken linksand we will takecare of them.
  12. I will contact him regarding this request and will come back to you when I got more information
  13. Well if Flex doesn't support this version you can't modify this version for sure. Older iOS versions are always a problem because devs abandone those iOS versions and no longer support them in their projects. I'm sorry for that
  14. Hello, the problem here is that the Tweaks probably won't work on anything lower than iOS 8. New NBA app version won't work with iOS 7 as well. So even if the NBA app would be an old version there is probably no tweak available because it is not compatible with iOS 7.
  15. Hello, we are sorry to hear that you unlinked your device but we are also looking forward to see you back in appdb comunity. appdb Pro is from just $11.99 for one year which is cheaper than a $15 iTunes card where you can only get about 5 apps. appdb offers a wide selection of apps and we add links on a daily base so you may consider getting a year.
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