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  1. So I was a part of the 4647 Pros revoked the other day. Finally this morning my Pro was reactivated and I attempted to reinstall the apps that were saved in cache via the ‘IPA cache status’ page. Upon reinstallation every single cache app that was installed, for whatever reason, had the DLGMemor button injected into the apps. I read on the forums that if it was enabled at the time the apps were originally installed then when reinstalling from cache it’ll be enabled again. But I’ve literally never once had that feature enabled for any app/game ever! Any recommendations? See screenshots below
  2. So I’ve tried uploading 5 different .ipa files today and every single one reaches 100% but then gets stuck showing as “new” highlighted in green. When I try hitting the delete trash can icon I’ll get “This job is not finished or not yours” What is happening?! Attached is a screenshot of the issue. Please open the image to see the full scale of what’s going on
  3. So I’ve tried uploading several apps to my personal app collection this morning and this is the message I keep getting
  4. I keep seeing it but don’t rightly understand what it’s for
  5. Recently I unlinked a device. This was caused by how for the longest time the date displayed for my Pro to expire was March 2021 yet after Apples revoke of Pro accounts at the end of last month (June) when I attempted the manual re-activation of my pro it was now telling me my Pro was apparently expired ahead of time. I figured this was an error due to the revoke process on the end of either Apple or Appdb so as an attempt to troubleshoot the problem I tried unlinking all my devices and relink them separately. Now I no longer have my Pro for as long as I was told it was paid for. Yet I noticed today in the email sent from appdb when I unlinked my devices it was mentioned: “Why did you do this? Please share your opinion and experience of appdb usage on our forums: Click here to go to forums, we will grant free PRO for you if your opinion will be valuable!” I was just curious as to where specifically I would even submit a post about my highly satisfied experience of using appdb pro and all the almost endless reasons I have kept my pro account funded for a few years now. Which place in the forum specifically would I do that?
  6. So, my Pro was finally reactivated after being revoked last month and still NO MATTER WHAT APP I TRY INSTALLING, FROM MY OWN UPLOADED IPA TO APPS FROM THE WEBSITE, THEY ALL GET STUCK AT THE "LOADING" PROCESS and then is followed by "UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD APP" What the frick!?
  7. Man I AM using safari. The problem is it’s trying to install a profile that’s already installed. It can’t be done. You can’t overtake a profile. You have to delete the first profile and reinstall the new one. BUT I CANT REMOVE THE PRIOR PROFILE WITHOUT IT REMOVING APPS INSTALLED WITH SAID PROFILE AKA THE UNOFFICIAL CLIENT APP
  8. But when I use the code to authorize the client app it reverts to settings to install a profile THATS ALREADY INSTALLED due to the browser device link. So pretty much when I link device via browser it installs a profile that authorizing the client app also asks to install but can only be installed using one (the browser) or the other (client app) i don’t know how else I can explain this Actually this is what it says when I try authorizing the client app
  9. Well I seem to have a dilemma. When I try to use said link code to link the client to my device via the client settings i get an error because I already have the “appdb Device Link” profile installed from using the safari based “home screen icon” version of appdb So normal logic is to delete the appdb Device Link and reinstall it via the clients settings. But if I remove the appdb Device Link it also deletes any apps installed with that associated linked device So how can I have the client installed it I delete the appdb Device Link profile associated with its installation?!?!
  10. So I can’t install the client app without first having my device linked to my account. But after I link my device and install the client I am unable to install apps with the said client app unless I do an authorization/device link through the client apps settings. Which is denied when I try due to the ‘Appdb Device Link’ already having its certificate on my phone already. I also tried sideloading the client app using Cydia Impactor but get an error it’s executable was signed wrong or some shizz. But I just don’t get it and would much rather prefer using the client app over the generic “adding the webpage” to the home screen. The app is so much cleaner and feels like using a real AppStore. But I guess that’s not an option is it? If not then what is the point of the unofficial client app? Just to show people what it COULD be like having a better way of using and navigating AppDB?! I understand that it’s UNOFFICIAL but what’s the point of this unuseable app even being offered on your site?!
  11. Yeah I was sad. I thought I finally had a way to sideload apps without cydia impactor
  12. Non-Pro Member/Not jailbroken/iPhone 6s/iOS 11.4 (15F79) Heres a link showing in order pics of my experience attempting the Pro Alpha Test (Verdict: Unsuccessful) https://imgur.com/a/v35Unzp
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