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  1. There we go, not the best but anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯: https://imgur.com/a/UO2vSeJ
  2. Did you duplicated the app? Duplications apps will not work as they don’t have the same build ID as the original.
  3. tn77172

    need help

    If someone unlinked your phone, it means that someone deleted appdb profile. Just go to appdb.to and tap on the top “link my device”.
  4. Do you have the latest update of Cydia Impactor?
  5. Okay, please PM Freddy explaining your problem, he’s an administrator and he can help you.
  6. How did you pay Appdb PRO? Using the default payment or buying a voucher from a resellers?
  7. Make sure you changed your device to your Apple TV at this page so you can install apps: https://appdb.to/link.php
  8. Here’s a screenshot where you have to tap to re-activate: If still not working please PM me with a screenshot your PRO page and I will try to help you privately.
  9. Re-activate your device tapping on the link that shows on the photo:
  10. Hey! You know that PRO is not transferable between devices? If you know it and you still have problems maybe your device is revoked. Try re-activating your PRO.
  11. You can check if you’re device is revoked or not in https://appdb.to/pro.php . If it says OK is not revoked. If your device get revoked you will have to manually reactive your device in the same page.
  12. It will be available soon! Stay tuned! EDIT: Here it is: https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1900000398&store=us&type=cydia
  13. Hi Ghay, I'm sorry, It was my fault not to credit you. I add that link because your links die very fast but I didn't credit you. I was going to delete the link but I see that the link is deleted. I apologise for everything this. Can you forgive me? Thanks.
  14. Hi! When I try to upload an app it show the picture below. I need help.
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