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  1. iDon

    iPhone replacement

    Thank you, done, very kind and helpful
  2. Getting my iPhone replacement on Tuesday. I just finished purchasing PRO. What do I have to do to be able to get PRO to my new replacement? Do I show you guys the replacement email and etc or?
  3. iDon

    App Instalaltion

    No, because when I click on it it crashes, dissapears
  4. iDon

    App Instalaltion

    I don't know how to do that brother, I tried following the instructions but I failed, is there a certain way I can do it? I'm on an iphone 7 on 13.5
  5. iDon

    App Instalaltion

    I tried all apps and they still do the same, all apps and different links. Well not all but quite a few apps. Stays grey and says unable to install.
  6. iDon

    App Instalaltion

    when i download any app it stays greyed on my phone, unable to download, i've looked on how to fix and no luck, any help would be appreciated. edit: i am on unc0ver 13.5 on iphone 11 pro max and iphone 7. It happens on both iphones. I have appsync installed.
  7. iDon

    App Installation

    Then I’m having problems creating one.
  8. iDon

    App Installation

  9. iDon

    App Installation

  10. iDon

    App Installation

    Ok, how do i do that?
  11. iDon

    App Installation

    When i try to install an app i get a pop up message saying, "The app could not be installed". I've tried everything, unlinking/linking, still nothing.
  12. iDon

    UDID Registration

    Hello, after many purchases of PRO to different devices, i've decided to get UDID Registration. How do i go about this to use AppDB, and install the apps? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. iDon


    i have bought quite a few Pro's on my devices, some of them were sold and some were lost. Now i want to get PRO on my current device, and i read on a news post that i can receive a discount on new Pro orders, now mind you the PRO'S i have had for my other devices have not even finished their year yet. I contacted support via ticket and it;s giving me an error saying i am not allowed or something, to contact administrator, but yes i would like to get a discount on my new device, thank you.
  14. i meant to say when im jailbroken on app db apps wont download, when i switch back to not jailbroken, apps download. this jas noting to do with your servers or whatnot or what country im from, im from USA, we dont have that problem here. Also i read somewhere in a post here that you guys apps are not being signed thats why their not installing, is that true
  15. I switched from jailbroken to not jailbroken and it works. I erased my my profile andknstslled it again, put jailbroken and apps don’t download, I switch back to jailbroken and apps download. Why? I’m jailbroken on electra 11.3.1 with appsync unified from angelwind(Karen). What other configuration I have to do?
  16. It’s been hours, so that’s not an option to let it wait and install
  17. Ever since I jailbroke my iPhone with Electra, I have not been able to download or install or even update any app because it will get stuck in a loop and never install. Now i changed the settings in AppDB for my phone to appear as jailbroken and I have AppSync unified installed and my phone appears jailbroken on the top of AppDB. What could this be? Any help is grandly appreciated.
  18. iDon

    Download failure

    Probably server problems from where the source is coming from. Have you tried side loading or from official website?
  19. Do you have your device configured the correct way? Jailbroken/non jailbroken?
  20. This is my fourth time that I have gotten a new phone and unliked it from my PRO. Now there should be a discount for people that have gotten PRO more then twice. I mean that’s 20 dollars in a year man. Now I bought a new phone because my old one wasn’t working and now o need PRO. We can’t switch over to new device because y’all don’t have that option. So basically y’all getting free money for devices that are not being used any more. Can something be done? I’m trying to get PRO on my new iPhone, but not trying to pay full price my brothers.
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