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  1. Hi, I have some questions about PRO, and also about the new "app less" anti revoke Firstly, It's write we should reinstall our iPhone for install apps if we get issue, we must do it or if I don't do that appdb PRO can work perfectly? The new "app less anti revoke" it's real app less ? Simply install app, and don't do anything ? No one adblock others ? I can uninstall app, reinstall, with no problem? And if there is a revoke, what should I do? (Before 180 days I can re activate for free, right)? Sorry for the lot of question, I know it's already write but I want a "recent" answer and not pay 20€ and get lot of problem if I misunderstood, I'm french and sometimes it's a little hard to understand some sentence
  2. PRO Voucher ? A code ? lot of oppoturnities? Exept the PRO Roulette, I don't know
  3. Yes you offered me to pay 20€ instead of to find my FREE solution like a other provisioning profile COMPATIBLE with your service (because it's work fine my certificate etc..), and I'll be honest, I'll buy PRO, when I'll stop seeing the lot of problem about PRO.. it's not the subject yes, help these guys, as you can see lot of people have problem, even if it's our fault sometimes, it's maybe because it's not enough indicated Edit: And the author not answer here, we can suppose he find the "solution" (just re activated)
  4. It's weird, Freddy said to me PRO have no problem, "it's just works" too much problem, and the "support" answer after few days, man, ok appdb have a good system etc..but we must to change service, it's outdated but it's because of Apple too...Sideloading it's not like before..
  5. There are nobody in the forum. Even the admin is never here Don't wait, just try to find an other way, better I hope
  6. Add the ability to install an app without jailbreak with certificate and provisioning profile..
  7. With Certificate and provisioning profile, no, we don't have to pay PRO but it doesn't works... And i think I'll never buy PRO The admin never here, last logging Friday, you fix the problem without him, I wait since 1 week and I waiting since 3 day for an answer by the admin I'll not buy a thing If the only one problem I'll get can't be fixed or fix 3 months after... lot of work need here
  8. Yes I know but I don't have PRO but certificate and provisioning profile, and I fail like you for the installation...
  9. Did you only restore and backup or you do some other thing ? and after that, can you install any apps ? so, I guess you can upgrade
  10. It's a beta, it's the reason why with other signing service, or with cydia impactor, are there the slow startup too?
  11. Mmh it's weird Is it always do that or before, the startup was faster ?
  12. Maybe because it's an app installed by a mobile device management and also, it's a shortcut for safari, when you click on it, it open safari, new tab, etc..
  13. Is possible to install apps without PRO, with certificate and provisioning profile and without jailbreak. some issue to install apps, but Freddy help me
  14. I think it's just necessary to protect the revoke with PRO, if the certificate is revoked, are there a way to get again pro without pay again?
  15. Added into my first message here. added too for this message, thanks to help me If it's work, in september I'll buy PRO to get notifications logadblockfail.txt
  16. I don't speak about cydia impactor but the direct download of appdb in iPhone
  17. Me too I have the same problem. Not PRO user, but certificate and provisionning profile. No jb, ios 10.3.2. Certificate etc work with iOS App Signer, but in appdb, at the installation, "unable to download App", for every apps. Can we download even in "not protected" ? How fix my problem? Please...I want to use appdb Backup & Restore, I must did it? I don't understand
  18. Hi, I've read the troubleshoot topic, and a lot of forum, website, I can't find a way to fix it...It's take me crazy! I have bought a certificate and provisionning profile, that works perfectly with iOS App Signer. I import these into ppdb's settings, it's write "valid" in green for certificate and provisionning profile. When I want to install apps (with every links, every apps) I can't install it. Of course I set as non jailbroken iPhone (iphone 6 10.3.2 no jb), already tried to force disable pro featueres...No way. When I download an app, I have the prompt on my iPhone "secure.appdb.to" bla bla bla to install, I click on it, but when the circle loading reach the limit of download and the install begin, it stop and say me "unable to download app". It's say unable to download but it stop of the beginning of installation (anyway, it's write instaling) Anyway to fix it ? And certificate and provisionning profile work perfectly... Thanks Edit: Added console log. In the console log, I was recorded a try to install Adblock. logadblockfail.txt
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