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  1. I got an email asking why I unlinked my device from appdb. It was because my device is not jailbroken, so I'm unable to install apps through the use of appdb. The email said that if my opinion was valuable, I would get pro for free. But then again, they could just be saying that to get me to post on the forum. So I'll be sure to let you guys know if they actually stick to their word. Anyways, here's my opinion: I think you guys should mention beforehand that you need to have a jailbroken device for appdb to work without pro. Cause right now from googling it, there are headlines that flat out say "Install Any App From appdb Absolutely For Free! [NO JB]". And then after I follow all the steps and get my device linked and click install, it says I have to get the pro version to install onto non jailbroken devices. So I think honesty is a very valuable opinion that you guys should consider. At this point I barely even expect to get a free pro account because of how misleading the description of appdb is, so I can't expect that the email I received is anymore honest. But I guess we'll see. I'll keep you guys updated.
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