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  1. Hey, check first Iv the Dev released a new ipa Update for sideloading
  2. Simple Answers: Picture of Ano: Watch out what ur using or what ur doing. In times like this every gov is watching u. Why I call People stupid : People who watch illegal movies (Popcorntime; Cottomovies; Moviebox etc.) Are in my opinion stupid. All the Apps are giving there infos about there users to the gov. If u Quote Messages than send all of them not only the ones I wrote and the ones I called u stupid. Also Send all of ur Messages. Last words :Bann me if u like. I dont like Peoples like this.
  3. Why do u even buy it when u are to stupid to get it?
  4. Dude I can send u the link . But we dont have a cydia repo and uploading a tweak for nonjb istn possible
  5. Hey, it isnt possible to bring it to a non jb Device. You can use instead Nicegram. A better version of Telegram. Dou can watch Nsfw channels with it. ~Colofdurty
  6. If you wish I can upload it ~Colofdurty
  7. Hey, we cant uploade Vpn. These Apps cant be signed by Appdb ~Colofdurty
  8. Hey do u have the cracked Version or the orginal one?
  9. Hey, the Appdb repo is no longer supported. It was an 1 to 1 copy of karens repo. ~Colofdurty
  10. Eta 10 min Ps: This is an cydia App ~Colofdurty
  11. The App will be updated as soon as the Dev updates it
  12. Updated you can download it directly now ~Colofdurty
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