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  1. Closed support for IOS 11 IPA"s.✖️

    Apps verified only on IOS 12 ✔️

  2.  watch out IOS 12 Apps works ONLY with PRO ...

  3. it clearly says its Sliced app you cannot cracked it that way
  4. Uncracable at the Moment so that is he reason i didnt release new version put this one on the list too that cant be done now
  5. You cant run it on JB Devices and Non- JB as Game CANT BE CRACKED BUY IT... as it seems it will never be posted as FULL WORKING GAME I tried few times, failed every time
  6. Read IOS App Req IOS 12 Minimum... NO IOS 12 JB...
  7. Adding one Hidden Link for direct install to avoid DMCA Reports of the apps.

  8. Replaced https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=881900496&store=us&type=ios
  9. I have very much Respekt to you, to Upload Apps. I wanted to Upload Memrise pro, but The Upload stopped and only 24mp of 34 werde uploaded. The App can‘t be Open. Can you help me.

    Greetings Herbert


  10. https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1396301917&store=us&type=ios
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