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  1. It’s been days since I I’ve been able to install Are you single up I have removed my profile and reinstalled it 3-4 times to try Troubleshooting but I’m now completely out of ideas it’s so frustrating
  2. I don’t know how to crack ipa’s I haven’t learnt that I’m not that smart, but how come I can’t download some ipa files, available that are relatively new eg PDF converter. Thank you
  3. They removed the app Completely even from purchased items that’s why I’m having such a hard time trying to find it it doesn’t exist any more I even complain to Apple about it but never got a response
  4. I saw this ipa on appd pre signing up, it’s really the only reason I joined. I had the app from the App Store but restored my device and before I could download it again, taken from me. Please help
  5. Is this a joke, I’m jaibroken with programs on my device to block the Necessary Servers. I find out from signing service I have to download an App Store app and have it correctly configured to download files from you. NO!! This is not acceptable, my other signing services not do not require this, why do I use appdb because they offer some apps not available with others,if I made to download this new configuration I will remove my profile and not return to appd, I jailbreak my device so I don’t To told what will be on my phone. Goodbye appdb
  6. Why can I install the appdb ipa it installs it opens i can’t install any files from it I can’t link it to my subscription but it installs perfectly yet I still can’t install one working ipa file from appdb apart from the appdb ipa. Must be my jailbreak
  7. Thank you Freddy I appreciate that however I have reset my phone so many times I think I have removed the ‘K’ from kernal. ? I remember my first subscription to appdb before I could jailbreak. I found it so overwhelming not Even knowing how to install an ipa file I believe you gave me the assistance I required after an emotional outburst from me, I see very little point in renewing my appdb subscription if it’s install is not compatible with my jailbreak, I will miss appdb, it does have the most varaible apps For download available to users and in that respect leads the way in app stores thanks again
  8. I’m not new to this service I have an iPad pro iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 7 all jailbroken all have a subscription to Appdb all able to download apps from here except this iPhone 7 device, thanks for the input
  9. So I was having trouble installing any ipa file from Appdb since jailbraking my device turns out my subscription was revoked ? Ok, fixed the revoke issue now I just need to be able to install apps again, apps continue to force close and crash upon install since jailbreak.
  10. Of late approx the last week any ipa i try to install will not install on my jailbroken device (11.3.1 iphone 7plus) will either install and crash when opening or it simply gives error message cannot install. I have tried rebooting, relinking my device clearing the installed ipa list even installing through extender with ipa just crashes. Other ipa stores i have no problem installing a file for working order, could someone please advise me on what to do, i kindly would appreciate it thankyou.
  11. Please can I ask for a download link for owncloud (access) ipa app thanks
  12. Deathslave


    I think this device may have been revoked it does not download or have device info. It does right now but goes away.
  13. Is my Information accurate are we as Pro subscribersAllowed to change your device within a certain period of time after initial membership
  14. Deathslave


    How long does an app stay queued for after requesting it. An app request queued all night I waited went back this morning App says install. I pressed it again says queued.
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