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  1. Same problem error code 503 just shows up on my popcorn time app when I open it
  2. Could kodi be updated to kodi 18 for Apple TV
  3. There’s actually 18.2 out now as well if we could have it updated please
  4. Still not showing any links?
  5. It has happened a lot fairly recently but before that it was fine for months and months for me and my pro has always been re activated the same day so cannot complain as I said just annoying losing app data
  6. Okay thanks we live in hope then
  7. Attempting to install the file it says in the device status page broken ipa or dead link if this could be fixed please
  8. When trying to download popcorntimetv it says dead link could it possibly be re linked with a live link?
  9. Is there any way possibly on an Apple TV to have revocation protection as everyone knows there’s been a lot recently and losing all your data from your apps especially kodi is annoying and time consuming to replicate
  10. Any help on how to keep Apple TV app data when revoked?
  11. Anyone able to help or is deleting re downloading and starting again the only option?
  12. Is it possible to retain app data on Apple TV apps such as kodi after revocation?
  13. How do I get my logs from my device? I did check and my pro hasn’t been revoked and everything is still linked and other apps install fine just trying to update popcorntime won’t work
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