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  1. please Specify what Version you would like
  2. I would also create a support ticket and they will help you
  3. The link was removed because it was a external link
  4. Please post your staff account nickname
  5. the dev has not made a ipa so any ipa that are out there are created by other people and not the official app the tweaks need to be updated as twitch toolbox crashes when you click on your profile picture and twitch ad block doesn't currently work
  6. I had a similar issue I had to restore my device back to factory from the computer because I downloaded a blacklisted app after the restore everything worked again
  7. its working I would Check your junk folder or try a differnt email
  8. bubbashatz

    Appdb Pro

    right now apple is limiting the activation but as soon as they do you can install the apps straight from the website or there is a non official appdb app you can install apps from
  9. just wondering did you request a refund or chargeback the charge
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