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  1. I don't have PRO on my iPhone XS Max (Not Jailbroken) but I was testing out Rickpactor yesterday and it wasn't working. I woke up today and tried it again and just let it do its thing. And for some reason it worked. And now I'm jailbroken ❤️ This is awesome because now people who don't have money for PRO can jailbreak their devices for free. It may be a little buggy at first BUT this is a huge step forward for this community 🙏
  2. So I've run multiple IPB forums and websites and I was wondering if we could change up the theme? I feel like it'd look more aesthetically pleasing if we had a contest and made a nice theme. Let me know whatcha think
  3. Very informative, THANKS! Any way to do this using a Windows computer?
  4. I believe this happens to be because of the file youre instlling instead of Rickpactor. BUT I haven't even been able to use Rickpactor for anything so I cant test this 😕
  5. Im also getting this error when trying to install an app using Rickpactor
  6. @Freddy I followed the directions but I'm either getting "failed Error: Same task is already running, please wait till it will be finished" OR "failed Server denied. Reason: Overload, please try again"
  7. I’m on an iPhone and that link gives me 404 error
  8. 404 Not Found ☹️
  9. Currently, I have a 4K Apple TV that is jailbroken and for members in the community, I would love to be an active uploader to awesome apps and to help out with any questions about jailbroken Apple TVs. I am running a Windows computer and that is why I had to use appdb to jailbreak my Apple TV. Currently, the 4K Apple TV doesn't let you connect to your computer unless you have an Apple computer. I got around this by using appdb and now I would love to update and upload apps that are for the Apple TV. Thanks for making this possible ❤️
  10. Title says it all, I lost my device and got a new one. I would like to unlink the old device but don't have it on hand to unlink.
  11. What would be the reason why PopcornTime still wants me to update to a newer version?
  12. Well drewk312 just posted 3.2.23 but when I installed it, opened it up. PopcornTime still told me to update and that 3.2.23 is the lates verison. So idk if drewk312 is linking the correct file or not.
  13. It does for me, BUT Adventure Time freezes when I try to look up episodes. So hopefully an updated version works. How do I install the updated version?
  14. Yes! Please update it to 3.2.8
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