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  1. Hi mk4, I found it: https://www.file-up.org/otryeupcaizw Thanks to Atarazanas for sharing.
  2. Done, It's version 10.5.3 cracked by Ghay
  3. Hi Freddy, I would like to collaborate. I can share someone ipa apps and upload others than you told me. Best regards, Odramor
  4. Hi, I have researched and read about the different alternatives to install applications on my ios device. I have installed several and even in the Chinese language that has been useful at the time. But I have concluded that you are one of the best for the following reasons:1. I like its transparency and honesty. The space they provide in the forum to say things and read about their history.2. Its extensive library and organization are useful.3. The service they provide. I have been impressed by their interest in offering the best. I have read it in the forum, and I have also been a direct witness when I started with fear to uninstall your application from my device.4. Even though I do not have the possibility of acquiring the pro service, if I could I would. I have installed some of the applications for me useful in my device (thanks for that) that I do not find anywhere else indirectly with Impactor, and they work well.If you allow me a suggestion, it would be that some education applications, to change health habits, exercises, improve our environment and others may be able to offer themselves freely in the future.I congratulate you,
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