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  1. Well I was thinking if I use more than 5 devices could I use a normal apple developer account for 100 dollars and just set the up here on appdb so that you would do with just one device with apple developer account? What do you mean with depends on your developer account? I just though it was possible to have one version?
  2. Hello! If I were to purchase an apple developer account would it be possible to use if for more than one device on APPDB? As right now I already have 3 appdb pro account and want to add more, as soon it will be cheaper to just buy apple developer ID.
  3. The app was recently updated however it has since been remove. Could someone please reuplod it? last when the all was uploaded it was by an unconfirmed cracker, is it safe to use the app anyways? Like if it’s a bad app can they get data outside of Spotify or only inside the app? thank in advance
  4. Hey! I have an app where I can send money to friends, however there's no option to switch account inside the app. So I tried to change the bundle ID so I cloud have two copies of the application, however impactor gives me this error(See image) https://i.imgur.com/rCh1q8O.png Note* Im not sure if I posted in the correct forum please move otherwise
  5. Hello everyone! I’m trying to upload my own certificate but whenever I press save nothing happiness? I have tried on Mac with safari & chrome, windows internet explorer & safari on my iPhone. The strange part is that it don’t even seem to load, like if I misspell the password it says right away but not it just waits forever? I also checked the last 24 h on my account and nothing about certificates. I uploaded a picture of how it looks on the page, I have seen other pictures and in these it says valid?? I even have the 1 year apple developer.
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