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  1. Like the title said, in some instances I see apps that show cracked or no ads and the reality is, they are not cracked and they still have ads, shouldn’t those apps be removed since they are just miss leading people thinking there is a new version of the app available when in reality there isn’t?
  2. When you say: “7. Will Apple.... A. Well I can really answer that 100% but basically AppAddict...” I think you mean: “Well I can’t really answer”
  3. Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section but I really don’t see a area where a post like this make sense. After I install the last version of Spotify I notice that now when I open a artist album I only have the option to select shuffle, losing the option to select what song I wanna play from that given album. After some testing I realize that Spotify 8.5.7 still allow us to see and select the songs from a specific album but we lose that option on v8.5.14. Does anyone have the same problem, anyway to have that option in Spotify 8.5.2X?
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