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  1. Hi, I have an old iPad - iPad 4, running on iO 10.3.4. I recently bought a new iPad and am trying to transfer my data. I could transfer most of my data, except one. I found that one of the apps on my old iPad isn't on App Store anymore. The app is 'Best Video Downloader' (and it is, indeed one of the best video downloaders). I have tried, unsuccessfully, to retrieve the .ipa file and install it on the new iPad. Since I cannot get the app, I convinced myself to move on, and just get all the videos that I had downloaded in it. The only way to get the videos downloaded was to save to the camera roll (there is no file sharing option). And there is one video that I need the most which is .ts format and hence am unable to save that video. I have followed the instructions on app db and rickpactor, however, the device status says Protection Validation is in stuck status. I do not know where else to post this, so I just posted this here. 1. Any tips or ideas how to get the Best Video Downloader to my new iPad? (I have the .ipa file) 2. If not, please, please, please help me get the one downloaded video file. If anyone can guide me it would be very appreciated. Thanks!
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