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  1. I've been trying to install the same app ''ZiniTevi++'' (about 5 times or more) and keep getting the error along the lines with ''...your device is not connected''. I've done everything correctly so far and have the latest Itunes from the Microsoft Store. {"error":{"cmd":"C:\\Users\\Haneef\\Downloads\\Compressed\\rick-win\\Rickpactor\\\\bin\\win32\\ideviceinstaller.exe -u \"fad37a1d222ee8406cf82f7813086e6be0db8975\" -i \"C:\\Users\\Haneef\\Downloads\\appdb-rickpactor\\264cf7f9b13e894f5d65c1d47337b161.ipa\"","code":4294967295,"killed":false,"signal":null},"stderr":"No iOS device found, is it plugged in?\r\n","stdout":""}
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