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  1. Ok. I just don't want to downgrade if it isnt gonna help.
  2. thanks for the reply! But are you sure that's the problem?
  3. I have the same error. I'm angry at apple for making this so difficult
  4. Things I have tried to fix it: -Ran in admin mode -Trusted computer from device -Moved directly into hard drive, I.E "D:\Rickpactor 0.1.0.exe" -Updated iTunes to latest version -Made sure device was linked -Tried multiple different apps -Restarted computer Details: iPhone 8 running iOS 13.3.1 Beta, Windows 10 and Rickpactor 0.1.0 The app I am trying to load onto my device is Provenance, a SNES/NES emulator. Log: {"error":{"cmd":"\"C:\\Users\\josep\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\1WeakjMZKXqeeIHW8ASVSVbpqWk\\\\bin\\win32\\ideviceinstaller.exe\" -u \"aa068328f42e223aee2cd9f572fafd6838254a90\" -i \"C:\\Users\\josep\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\ea8ac4db1dbd852a37d1cb98a4a59814.ipa.extracted\\Payload\\Provenance.app\"","code":128,"killed":false,"signal":null},"stderr":"ERROR: Install failed. Got error \"ApplicationVerificationFailed\" with code 0xe8008001: Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.zfMKZm/extracted/Provenance.app : 0xe8008001 (An unknown error has occurred.)\r\n","stdout":"Uploading Provenance.app package contents... DONE.\r\nInstalling 'net.hollr.Provenance4'\r\n\rInstall: CreatingStagingDirectory (5%)\r\n\rInstall: ExtractingPackage (15%)\r\n\rInstall: InspectingPackage (20%)\r\n\rInstall: TakingInstallLock (20%)\r\n\rInstall: PreflightingApplication (30%)\r\n\rInstall: InstallingEmbeddedProfile (30%)\r\n\rInstall: VerifyingApplication (40%)"} Could it be something to do with me using iOS betas? Any and all help will be wonderful, just make sure you read the things I have already tried. :)
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