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  1. Ah, I see, thanks. So, it's not possible to get them working with my own dev account?
  2. Hi! Is it possible to get push notifications working, when installing apps from AppDB using my own certificate? I've uploaded p12 and mobileprovision with enabled Push Notifications entitlement, but it's not working. When creating explicit app id, I can't use original Instagram's bundle id, such as it already taken. But with any other bundle id notifications don't work. Is there any possibility to fix that?
  3. Just to make it clear, how AltStore can install more than 3 apps and why Rickpactor can't? I've installed them using my free Apple dev account. If it is Apple limit, it shouldn’t depend on which program to install them
  4. No, Apple has 10 AppID limit. Screenshot from XCode:
  5. Hi! Why Rickpactor has limit for 3 apps? If I'm not mistake, limit is 10 apps. And AltServer also allows to install 10 apps
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