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  1. Can someone please a Pandora version that doesn’t restrict the country? I tried all versions on Appdb but none of them works I’m really tired.
  2. Hi. All the apps I try to install are stuck at signing queue. Nothing is installing or signing. Even when I empty command queue, it says error same task running and it’s been days. I’m getting tired. can someone help?
  3. Hi. I just would like to get expressvpn premium. Here are no fast vpn on appdb sadly.
  4. Can’t install apps. No signing or signing but not installing. Stuck on ok status. Can someone help? Even with myappstore installations
  5. There is the old one on appdb but widgets don’t work. Can someone make a new one?
  6. Please add it. It’s very nice but way too expensive
  7. Hasan1224


    Hi, I am an appdb Pro user but I can’t get push notifications from apps loaded by appdb. I use rocket for Instagram for example, but it stopped sending notifications or even badges on the app icon. iPhone XS Max ios13.3.1
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