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  1. No worries mate was just about to let you know it all installed but instantly crashes when opening app
  2. https://fstore.biz/file/C644DADF5DC3 still chasing a response if possible cheers
  3. I apologise for any inconvenience, but is there a fix mate?
  4. There is you just need to sign on or make account takes 2 seconds then like the content and download will pop up that what will come up after you like and sign in https://fstore.biz/file/C644DADF5DC3 here’s another link sorry
  5. Trying to instal an app but it’s not working, keep saying terminated or aborted, just wondering if someone can please help me I’ve tried different versions, also re linking my accounts ect cheers for you’re time COD-iOsGG.com.ipa
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