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  1. App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/final-fantasy-vi/id719401490
  2. 1 - Get the free 1 month try subscription of Apple Arcade 2 - Download the game/s you want 3 - Install the tweak CrackerXL+ 4 - Open CrackerXL+ and enable the options CrackerXL Hook, Remove UISupportedDevices and Fakesign IPA. 5 - On CrackerXL+, choose the game you want to crack. (Sometimes you will need to go to settings first and then applist to make the list of games apear. 6 - Transfer the IPA of the game/s to PC. 7 - Install a plist editor on your PC. (I used this https://www.icopybot.com/plist-editor.htm) 8 - Open the IPA with Winrar and search for file info.plist. 9 - Open the file info.plist and change the value of "NSApplicationRequiresArcade" from true to false. Save the file and choose yes when Winrar ask. 10 - Uninstall the original game and install the cracked one. NOW YOU CAN CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION AND STILL CAN PLAY / SHARE ANY GAME YOU CRACKED WITH THIS METHOD. Important: After cracking any game on CrackerXL+, close everything before cracking the next game. This is to avoid errors when cracking the games.
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