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  1. Hello, Request TextNow app from App Store as its not available on my country. The app link: https://apps.apple.com/qa/app/textnow-call-text-unlimited/id314716233 Thank you in advance.
  2. Update: solve in the new jailbreak update unc0ver 6.0.1
  3. So as I understand the appdb not working with devices jailbroken? because there is option in the appdb whither this device have jailbreak or not, this why i am asking.
  4. Hello, I have issue in apps that download from appdb after jailbreak my iPhone 11 pro max 14.2. (unc0ver 6.0.0) If i reboot my phone and jailbreak remove, all app’s return working fine. What i can do to solve this issue? Thank you.
  5. السلام عليكم بعد الجيل بريك كل التطبيقات المحملة من appdb لاتعمل. بعد الريستارت الجيل بريك ينحذف وتفتح عندي كل التطبيقات. ماهو الحل؟ unc0ver jailbreak 6.0.0 iPhone 11 pro max 14.2
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