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    It was never activated on the device both vouchers is stuck on one device but it’s fine I don’t want it anymore thank you for you help ?
  2. Tr3way19

    Pro status

    Help me please two voucher stuck on one phone
  3. Two months ago I pay for the service from UDID registration and I wasn’t really understanding of what I was doing and I didn’t know how to used Appdb and I made a mistake and I put the voucher on the wrong phone and it was never activated On the other phone but I couldn’t use it on my phone either so I got another voucher and put it on the other phone and now the phone had two vouchers one that work & the other one (mine) keep saying waiting to activated i was then told that the voucher works with UDID I didn’t know that at the moment so it was never activated & up to today I am unable to use the service can someone assist me please I was told from UDID in a email that the the voucher is linked to a device with this UDID: 00008030-001568c83c98802e And i tried to use the voucher to activate a different UDID: 00008030-001A7439220A802E I really didn’t know
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