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  1. Yeah I did I'm pretty fluent with all things iOS and I be gone over every possible way explanation but nothing worked
  2. I decided to remove pro version of appdb because every time i tried to download anything it would never allow it to actually install on my device.now take into consideration that I was using an iPhone 6 and this is probably why nothing ever worked but when I installed it on my iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 it worked so flawlessly that I was wondering why it should replace the preinstalled AppStore on iPhones..so with that being I would recommend this to anyone and I would also like pay for this service again no questions asked if I have the right device
  3. It’s not that I sold my phone to get an iPhone 12 and I thought paying for appdb pro which I did so i thought I was able to jus to switch my device to the new device that I purchased for $1000 but like I was saying in my post if it was possible to b able to switch ur device that the pro account is linked to that’s it and I understand you have to pay for servers that’s why I purchased the pro service because I like the work you are doing
  4. I deleted appdb from an iPhone 7 because I had been saving up to get the new iPhone 12 so I erased everything and sold the phone. Little did I no that when you purchase appdb.pro that it’s specifically linked with that device..I understand you have to make ur money but it you should b able to Link you appdb account to another device so if theirs anything I request that you guys could possibly allow those of us that do support your great work by purchasing it and allowing us to link it to another device if the scenario arises like mine or you got ur phone stolen you should b able to link appdb to another device but no more then one device at a any instance thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I also wanted to say thank you for such a great app theirs nothing you Guys are doing wrong it’s perfect jus the one request I mentioned above and this would b 100 times better then apple’s App Store..
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