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  1. Hey guys, So I own an m1 macbook air and used rickpactor to install Genshin Impact 1.2.0 on it. It worked perfectly. The previous versions were cracked automatically, but this version seems to be facing an issue. Can someone just make it so the IPA file is available. I am pretty sure it may work on the new macs. https://appdb.to/app/ios/1517783697
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    Oh, thanks a lot.
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    Hi guys, I'm new around here. Need some help. Can someone tell me how long it takes for an app to be automatically cracked and uploaded after an update?
  4. So, the automatic crack worked on previous versions. Can someone please put in the request to get this cracked?. Thanks in advance https://appdb.to/app/ios/1517783697
  5. So I have been using this app on my m1 macbook air using rickrpactor and a new update has just come along. This app needs to be updated in order for me to continue playing. Also the automatic crack for this app works like a charm. Can someone please have this cracked automatically? or can more people put in requests so it can be cracked quickly. https://appdb.to/app/ios/1517783697
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