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  1. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/videoshop-video-editor/id615563599 Is there some one can crack this to make him pro thankyou
  2. I need to ask im using Appdb as a pro on non jb device In appdb configuration features i switch on Few option after this setting on when I install apps and i need to Make him premium i got every time apple idd Popus up kindly tell how to fix Check screenshots the first one is of setting and 2nd one is The popup thankyou
  3. Please some one crack this will be very thankful https://apps.apple.com/us/app/my-ufone-یوفون/id1189813122
  4. Lets see if they update tnx for ur time
  5. I report whole appdb apps non of Cracker reply
  6. Cracker not respon that old crack ipa not work for me i try whole appdb app whole crashed for me only cydia section is works but in cydia section few apps work like Wolf facebook,Rhino insta and dragon Whatsapp
  7. I purchased Pro since from 4 days none apps works on my ios 14.4 whole apps crashed Aloha browser crashed Hotspot shield crashed betternet crashed may more latest apps crashed also the old one no icon on ios 14.4 wirh latest pro max only cydia section few apps works for me Cheto Pubg scammer no key nothing also the cracker of apps not responding after report and give reviews
  8. Any one Can please upload Jiosaavan Tweak mode will Be vey thankfull app link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jiosaavn-music-podcasts/id441813332
  9. Right now i install alot of apps but its not work it goes to crash also pubg Cheto is scammer they are not share codes kindly fix our isssue
  10. Tnx bro purchased pro now i need Spotify is there any version which give me offline music features also alot of apps crashed like Aloha browser and Proxy vpn
  11. I install many apps it goes to crashed how to fix plz. I cant install any app after taping install button
  12. I need to buy Appdb for latest ios version 14.4 any one can conferm after purchasing Appdb certificate has been revoked every 7 days or its for 1 year if its revoked is the install app stope working or it is crashed also details of Subscription plz is there any Tweaked Apps is available on this Appdb kindly give details plz i need to buy
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