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  1. With my line of work and my home networking needs, Harpy was the best way to see who was on my network, diagnose network issues, kick people off who has access or does not need access, and alot more. https://repo.packix.com/package/com.midnightchips.harpy/ Not sure if its possible for this to be made into an IPA for regular usage ( i fully understand that alot of what makes Harpy works needs root access ) but since a jailbreak wont be out for awhile, i thought i might contribute to this forum and submit a wishlist!
  2. i have known about appdb for awhile but never fully trusted it until recently. i purchased PRO few days ago and so far the experience has been smooth. I can download my apps and upload to myappstore and easily reinstall if needed! I am glad to be part of this community!
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