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  1. I try to install apps on my m1 with rickpactor and i already installed the config profile. And now i try to log into my Apple ID to use rickpactor but no matter what account i try i just get an error. Tried 4 Apple IDs so it cant be that I typed in every password wrong
  2. iPhone X iOS 15.4, Aerofly FS 2022 version20.22.15, 9,99$ Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/aerofly-fs-2022/id1597507227
  3. Hi am i able to make a new post in cydia apps and i just can't find the option? Or do I not have the rights to do so?
  4. I’ll try I’ll try it too. what did u use to get the deb into an ipa?
  5. bruh im dumb never mind. Sorry for wasting your time i did something wrong :((
  6. https://apps.apple.com/de/app/cleanmymac-x/id1339170533?mt=12 here i wanted to upload version 4.10.1 idk why its not on the macos store but the 4.10.1 is available on the cleanmymac webiste
  7. no to macos appstore is there something different between cydia and macos appstore section? and im trying to upload to macos appstore
  8. Hi i dont understand th instruction: "version (Only if your version is not the latest; please use iTunes version format ) " if I leave the field blank, then the older version is shown at the downloads tab. But if I then want to specify the newer version, I get an error. How can i mark my upload as an update not as an new archive?
  9. I want to upload updated ipas and dmgs. Username is Binnichtaktiv
  10. can someone show me how to crack macos apps like imazing?
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