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  1. I'm also looking for. A few days ago I again tranfer my playlist to Spotify using Musconvtool.
  2. I did not check yet; but I got all my songs from Apple to Spotify using Musconvtool.
  3. I did that by using Musconvtool and I also recommend it to you.
  4. This is why I love spotify and I recommend everyone to transfer their playlists to spotfiy by using Musconvtool within no time.
  5. If this is something you're facing that I faced a year ago, then it is more better to move your playlists to another platform with the help of Musconvtool.
  6. Recently I transferred my playlists from Apple to Spotify using Musconvtool. Do anyone of you also use this tool?
  7. Recently I transffered my Youtube playlist to Spotify with Musconvtool because I was bored with such old version.
  8. If you're facing an issue with Spotify, transfer your songs to another music platform with musconvtool.
  9. Musconvtool is an excellent songshift application. Thank you!
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