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  1. On that note I recently restored apps via the IPA Cache and they all have the DLG overlay on them… I don’t want this trash on my app.. I just want my original apps restored..
  2. Yes, at least in my experience. The IPA cache might have your apps ready to go. But I’ve tried and you need to remove the app from your device first… It’s frustrating and renders this service almost unusable. Better off buying a dev account and using something like Sideloadly
  3. Absolute legend, now time to modify it
  4. Hi all just looking for the Surfline app IPA decrypted. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/surfline-wave-surf-reports/id393782096
  5. Is anyone able to supply the Surfline.ipa or add it to AppDB’s library please. I would like to see if the purchase overrides work or not.
  6. Same here, I just purchased Pro and have been waiting of 30 minutes for Spotify++ …. Think I might get a refund..
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