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  1. When I try to download An IPA file from a game that I get from the archive.org, It said "downloaded file is not IPA/ZIP archive". The IPA Work perfect with myappstore but Show up this error In Rickpactor. Note that I'm not actually a developer, I Just know that ipa is pretty much the "apk" For ios and I want to try to download this file Here is the ipa file that I want to download : https://archive.org/download/sacred-odyssey-rise-of-ayden-hd-iphone.paopaoche.net/SacredOdysseyRiseOfAydenHD_iphone.paopaoche.net.ipa The ipa file ( From my perspectives ) Is nearly 415 MB
  2. So it doesn't work anymore, right ? on IOS 9.3.5 ?
  3. I've found the fix for the problem now. I just need another cable and reset my device piracy settings.
  4. Hello ! I am a somewhat familiar user of Appdb. I start using Appdb 7 months agos to test out and download my childhood game. It was then that I know that this platform has a lot of potential and want to see it keep progressing futher. I am looking forward for future development and I'll willing to help the community. Cheers
  5. Does Appdb still work with ios 9 or below ? I have a Ipad 3 with ios 9.3.5, Have semi semi untethered jailbreak on the device ( using Phoneix jailbreak ). Whenever I load the appdb.to website on safari all the app are Square, Grey box. Can't even link the device ( It Keep loading forever )
  6. I decide to use to Appdb again after months to get apps and what not. however when I install apps It said iTunes not synced or device is not connected or trusted. Then I realize that I have reset my PC not long before. I have allowed My phone and ITunes to trust the pc in the past and used it with no problem, but after reset it seem that is no longer the case. There are no trust dialog appear on My Iphone or PC's Itunes anymore. Any answer would be highly appreciated. PC : Windows 10 Pro + Rickpactor 2.3.0 Iphone : Iphone 6S, IOS 14.4
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