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  1. I shared my account with appdb and i only had 7 active and 103 limited devices! My account was revoked by apple. At least please pay my initial account cost..
  2. I recently added my account in reseller program and all the devices are shown as limited on my account and for them I wont be paid. It seems like scam on appdb To activate pros and show limited to resellers. And when I asked to get my account back I was refused.
  3. These guys don’t have the courtesy to even reply.
  4. Hi, I have a question about the reseller program. Firstly what is the current ROI? How long will it take to cover up my investment cost? In the above image it shows if account is revoked payment will be made according to devices registered… so if I have 20 devices at the time of revocation, then I will be paid for 20 devices which will not cover my initial cost. I read on the website which says guaranteed ROI in one month. So will i get my initial investment even if account is revoked And what are the payout charges for someone living in India.
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