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    Jailbreaker/Cracker since 2008

    BMW & Birdspiders ;-)

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  1. Hey do you have a Geometry dash 1.9 ipa?

    1. Startive


      All of your links i have found for it don't work

  2. YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! Fantastic Work! AppDb Users will love it!
  3. it may crash when you're device is jailbroken and you have inApp-Tweaks/Hacks installed... make sure you're logged into appstore on device, too, Gameloft Server checks your identity(when you have bought it) with the Appstore logged in details, too
  4. Dogs that bark don't bite...

    1. HTTPS
    2. MONGOLO


      locophone calssic signature LOL

  5. well Freddy, i think it's a fake User of this AA crap site ...maybe some of the Admins from there? i can hardly guarantee that AppDb is more safe than AA, this signature only check your device for installing cracks(iOS version, device model and so on...) i have it installed on a device and i'm more safe then with that AA signature/premium acc, that's true ...and yes, Crackers here are the best in world and filling Database with high quality cracks ... so plz AA users, plz run away from there and come to AppDb, it's more save here, and with all that downtime the last months from AA it's a pida for all there, i read every day from more frustrated Users at AA(can't install cracks, can't download from hoster on devices, profiles of premium users don't working...) wanna say many thx for the great work back in days at AA and now the new rising sun AppDb, Freddy, you are a genius in what you are doing!! just go ahead like always
  6. Hi George, there are another links/hoster if the links really don't work, tried with ul.to and it worked for me, fast and instant download btw: haven't seen any turbobit link of Shazam Encore v8.0.0 ??!!??
  7. i can help as AppMod maybe, cause i'm crackin to much to have time for Admin preferences just choose wisely your team bro
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD-nzHy2DdU
  9. lol, i getting now this message when i wants to submit a Free App, i think i have a lot more Paid Apps posted... now i can't post Free Apps?? plz fix that for me
  10. all suggestions here are good, but the first one from Freddy is the best, AA get more FREE Apps than PAID, and i think most of the AA-Users search for cracked ones that cost sum'
  11. You're Genius! ...and the only community worldwide with working Plague v 1.7.2!!!
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