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  1. You just broke the thread
  2. Russia because they are bad ass Ass or Tits
  3. i cannot use &dt do like aadt or something
  4. This is a good idea Freddy nice one, may i also suggest something. In order to become a verified cracker, say 20 of the 50 apps must be paid apps? I notice there is a lot of people just cracking random free apps in order to get verified.
  5. Didn't work for me, thanks anyway
  6. Wicked, i can finally get in on this thing
  7. Currently moving servers, downloads are still available however please don't upload as you will lose your files. My amazing maths skills estimates this will take around 4 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Tomorrow we are moving all files to another server. If everything goes to plan it will be unnoticeable. Expect speed improvements and a larger upload limit!

  9. Full backup currently running, speed will be back to normal shortly.

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