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  1. Yeah, thank you for fixing a mistake which derives from not using brackets on the if's.
  2. LocalIApStore is working for ios7. But it wasn't modified for ios7. So, there are still some apps which it doesn't override the iap check, causing them to crash.
  3. DO NOT CHAT WITH ME, ANY QUESTIONS MESSAGE ME: kalenji@appaddict.org

  4. I'm not saying that CA should have made better, and i'm NOT saying Zorro doesn't have a lot in his hands, damn i even see his twitter with him posting updates on AA and on YOPA. What i'm saying is that it was a bit "out of the blue", and that this made our uploading process a bit harder. I'm talking for myself, because i haven't gone to the "upload an app" web tab in about 1 year, i was solely using CA to crack and upload apps, but for the moment, it can't make use of it as I was. I'm not descrediting Zorro or any1 of the AA staff for that matter, not even complaning, just sharing my opinion.
  5. Same here, my uploading rate will drop 200%. In my opinion, i think it's stupid, putting limits in uploading apps. But hey, i'm not the one to talk, my paid/free racio is lower than miley cyrus. None the less, i respect your decision, understand it, just wish CA was updated with better support for this before you announced it.
  6. Do updates count towards the apps ? imagine i push an update for a free app, but i wasn't the cracker at the time, i can't push updates cus of it ?
  7. You may want to update the untethered package on cydia now. It adresses 2 security issues, you should update at once.
  8. Yep and now i'm lost again. Why would we need an icon for overdrive, if it's "embeded" on CA ? It's not even an option since is always turned on.
  9. When you first installed cydia, it asked you to select either user, hacker or developer correct ? Well cydia bundles don't appear in user view (but you can still check it if you go to manage-> settings -> developer and then check your packages, you can revert it if you don't know what they are), but are installed with cydia, and basically they make cydia run clean as a whistle.
  10. Evasi0n 1.0.3 doesn't bring anything new to the untethered jailbreak package, only to the cydia bundles. If newer versions bring anything new, you will only have to open cydia in order to update packages.
  11. Thank you DblD, i truthfully didn't know what overdrive was !
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