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  1. Hi is there a problem, can’t install anything that is downloadet
  2. the link is broken please upload new link. Thanks
  3. Call recorder from cydia. I will really appreciate it. Thanks a lot
  4. Bobojan


    Will do thanks sir
  5. Bobojan


    Yes sit that's what it says :-)
  6. Bobojan


    Didn't try vpn I had my phone jailbroken before and it worked moviebox but now I use the website as I am pro on db. But it says movie not availble :-)
  7. Bobojan


    Hi all Thanks for the support and best website ever. There is a problem with moviebox no link for movies is showing, it says video not available. And one other thing if it is possible to make it banner free. Thanks
  8. Cool thanks sir :-)
  9. Hi sir Thanks a lot but can't install with db installer how to get it
  10. Tomtom Morocco version 1.20 please
  11. It starts downloading but after it downloads half then it stops and removes the file
  12. Oh oki thanks sir And one more thing is when I download trough db installer while downloading then stops and removes the file I haven't yet could install trough the app. Thanks again
  13. Hi guys Thanks for a wonderful site. I bought a pro here but is it for lifetime it doesn't state anywhere for how long. And I will also refer the site to my friends it is very cool. Thanks
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