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  1. Oh, ok. And where can I learn how that works. Any idea? If you don't know, it's ok. I'm just curious about that ...
  2. Ok, I've restored now and Jailbreaked my iPhone and everything is fine now with my Cydia Tweaks (at least the ones that I can install by now ...). Thank you very much! Just one more thing. Why does my TSS Center appear still blank? I thought that iOS 7.0.4 would appear there ...
  3. Well, after updating I had all my apps and data still on my phone, including my sources in Cydia, just not my tweaks of course. What should I do then?
  4. I updated to iOS 7.0.6 and Jailbreaked it, but now when I search for some tweaks in Cydia they are blank (like WiFiFoFum Pro or WiFi Passwords). Is that normal? Or what should I do? And why does the TSS Center still appear blank too?
  5. Is it safe then to update to iOS 7.0.6. and to Jailbreak it? Will AppSync and other tweaks work and cracked apps??
  6. Yes, I saw it a while ago. Thank you very much for reminding me anyway.
  7. Oh, ok. Thank you very much for your explanation .
  8. Sorry, but, what are cydia bundles?
  9. Hi again, I installed last week 1.0.2 JB and I would like to know, now that 1.0.3 has been released, if the update should appear in Cydia at some point today (I have no updates still on my Cydia) or am I supposed to reinstall the Jailbreak to have the latest version?
  10. Yes, that's what I meant. That probably it would look much better if your repo had an icon.
  11. I've jailbroken my iPhone already, but there are not many compatible tweaks with iOS 7 to install. I hope they do something about it very soon ...
  12. You mean the first thing that appears in your repo? Is that to install apps from the phone directly? Maybe you could add an icon, it would look much better (it's just a suggestion).
  13. Ok, and what about an icon for your tweaks and stuff, do you have one? Because it hasn't been installed with Appsync ...
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